The Wheel and Lost With A GPS


I hate when reality proves there isn’t enough hours in a day or days in a week. When life is like being on a hamster wheel. With me running and running, and no matter the pace I get nowhere.

At least I’m still on my feet and life hasn’t thrown me out onto my butt. Smiley Face.

For anyone feeling like they’re in a wheel, let’s take a deep breath, put our heads down and focus. When it slows, we can jump off and take time to smell the roses.

How do I get so far behind so fast?

Are you, in the wheel or out smelling roses?

If you noticed I didn’t post last week it was because that darn wheel wasn’t laptop friendly. Besides, I was busy self-discovering.

Mister did a lot of traveling during his working years so him and I being separated was common back then. Since his retirement it rarely happens. The days we spent apart last week were eye opening. Who knew we would miss each other that much.

My biggest surprise was learning I’m human (or maybe aging). I’m not ashamed to share this next tidbit because maybe it will put someone else it’s happened to at ease.

Stress and sleep depuration can and probably will affect your concentration and coping skills more so as we age.

Did you know even an experienced traveler can get lost while using a GPS? It happened when I didn’t realize the wrong destination on the touch screen got programmed.

My road-trip home was going good, the first pee break was in the city I knew it should be in. After that was when things went south. Actually, I needed to drive south but under the cloudy sunless sky I didn’t realize I was heading east. Sure, I had moments of, this road seems different, but I chalked it up to Mister is usually driving while I’m distracted by reading or napping. When I passed a town I knew I shouldn’t was when all faith in the GPS left and I felt lost. That rattled my tired self which only frustrated me more. So, on the side of the unfamiliar highway with my data-less phone I made a few calls. Do you believe with everyone carrying cell phones it took five tries to reach someone who could confirm that I would eventually get home? The three hour trip turned into five because of my detour.

Thanks goes to the daughter-in-law who answered and the son who she put on the phone for the out of the blue call for a Google search.

Do you put your trust in a GPS when traveling?

The daughter-in-law informed me that it’s also very hard to get a good, clear picture of a hamster in a wheel for this post. Thanks for trying.


Party Pooper


Yes, Mister and I acknowledge the day with the traditional greeting, and some years we’ve done the gift exchange, or a special date night.

Valentine’s day. A day to show that person in your life how much you love them. The concept is so sweet.

But, shouldn’t we be loving and kind to that person every day? Then they would know how much they mean to us. Isn’t an anniversary when we celebrate the union of our love?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Valentine’s Day or those who cherish and celebrate it, I’m just sharing some thoughts.

Restaurants, stores and florists would lose a bundle without Valentine’s Day. It’s said to be one of the top occasions when couples splurge.

Have you noticed, the newer the relationship the more emphasis that’s put on this day?

Some think it’s because the spark fades the longer a couple is together. That romance dwindles. I don’t see it that way. I see partners comfortable with their love. Two people no longer needing continuous reassurances. They’ve learned money doesn’t buy or strengthen the bond. They aren’t caught up in, if I spend more, it means I love more.

I guess I’m a party pooper because all the hoopla of Valentine’s Day just isn’t my thing. An old fuddy-duddy. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s someone wise enough not to fall for things or be swayed by what others think. Smiley Face. This, of course, is my version of the definition.

Dinners out that night are too much hassle for us, places are crowded, or need reservations. We go for a meal but not on the fourteenth. As for buying each other gifts why would Mister and I do that on Valentine’s day? We rarely do for our birthdays or for each other at Christmas. Neither of us needs much anymore. If we do, we prefer picking out our own, and besides we always shop together so there goes that spoils the surprise part of gift giving.

For over 35 years, February 14 has a different importance for Mister and I. It’s our daughter’s birthday. If you’re expecting this to continue into a touching tribute or loving birthday wish, sorry to disappoint. That will be shared, in a family get together not here. If I write something special for one person, I would need to do it for them all, making my posts repetitive and possibly boring reads.

If you are anticipating Valentine’s Day,

my wish is that it’s as special as you hoped and planned for.

Do me a favor though, don’t forget to show your love more than just on Valentine’s Day, and remember it doesn’t take expensive gifts to accomplish the gesture.

Do You See What I See?


Would you get out of your chair just to fix what’s off in this picture? I often do. Did you even notice that the stacked chests aren’t straight with the floor lines?

I get teased a lot about my straightening habit, so curiosity had me Google OCD. Out of ten listed symptoms, I brush the edges of a few, but the article states that is common.

One example they gave is have you ever worried that you left something on at home or you forgot to lock the door behind you? We all have, right? Most times we can put it out of our mind knowing deep down we did the tasks, and we rarely go back to check. An OCD sufferer will most likely always go back.

Other things I’m teased about is our pantry items are arranged with labels visible, and contents in our fridge have specific spots. Why wouldn’t anyone want to see at a glance what’s in a can or box? I joke that the fridge thing is because I might need to find something in the dark. Shh, I know there’s a light inside. Smiley Face. If I wake up blind one day, with no warning and I need breakfast, at least I’ll know where everything is. Okay, so my reasoning is lame, but I like organization.

After doing this research, I have a new understanding and sympathy for anyone diagnosed, OCD. As for myself, I’m not concerned enough to seek medical advice. I’ve self diagnosed myself with OSD, Obsessive Straightening Disorder.

At times I drive Mister and the kids crazy. They think I move items they’ve placed, or re-do say folding a shirt, because I disapprove of their job. That’s not at all the case.

It’s difficult to explain, but it has nothing to do with them or their technique. It is all because of what I see, and a feeling it provokes. In case you are wondering, I also correct jobs I do.

Sometimes this gets me called a perfectionist which also couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, details are important when I do a project, and I like to do my best, but I make and don’t dwell on mistakes.

If I’m sewing and a seam doesn’t end up exact, I don’t redo it unless it’ll effect the projects functionality. But having said that, I try to make my lines straight and stick to pattern requirements.

Does this make me a perfectionist? I don’t think so because I’d have gone crazy a long time ago with all the mistakes I make.

When, how, or why, straightening hanging pictures, anything like the chests alignment, stacks of messy papers or magazines became important is a lost fact. I don’t remember not doing it.

Knowing how this bothers some people, I work hard and have gotten better over the years at controlling this reflex, but it’s still a daily effort. Don’t worry, I’ll never straighten your pictures or papers when I’m visiting you.

Do I consider this habit a character flaw? No, not a flaw, it’s part of who I am.

There’s a building project Mister and I did years ago, and after completion we discovered a mistake. It remains that way today because it doesn’t effect its functionality, plus it would take days of work to correct.

Am I able to forget about it? No, but I don’t obsess about it either.

Will it remain this way forever? That depends if I’m ever bored enough and can convince Mister or someone to help me fix it because it’s not a one person job.

Next time someone does something like straightens the pile of books you just made don’t take it personally. As long as they quietly do it with no verbal nastiness perhaps they are nagged by the same demon I am. If so they mean no harm.

Do you notice and like things straight?

Do things in your cupboards or fridge have a certain place and are labels facing forwards?

Missing Information


Fresh from sleep, before daily thoughts and duties influence my mood, is when I enjoy writing. When I’m connected with my true feelings and creativity seems to flow.

When a crazy nightmare gets me out of bed earlier than usual, I can shift that energy and spin the heavy thoughts into interesting post topics. Those mornings can be very productive, but health wise I’m glad they’re not a regular occurrence.

For me, writing is therapeutic. Putting thoughts down on paper often brings clarity to issues.

Blogs are great platforms to share lessons, hints about life or interests, or inspiring stories.

I wish everything I posted was upbeat and made people smile, but that wouldn’t honor the “life as it comes” part of this blog. I do sensor my subjects though. Tucked deep in my iPad are drafts that will likely never get published. The stories I regard as too sad or the subject is too sensitive to share.

Does January have power over us like people suggest? Is it more depressing than other months? I’m not sure about all that, but it seems to make me contemplate life. Here’s where my heart and thoughts recently visited.

Retirement isn’t for the weak. No, that’s not quite right, aging isn’t for the weak. I don’t mean in the physical sense. I’m sure this statement and my following explanation is thought about by many, realized by most, but is seldom spoken out loud.

My fingers have already paused periodically over the keyboard, debating if I should continue, but here goes.

Have you ever watched or seen a retirement condo advertisement. The lifestyle they flaunt looks grand. They boast about gatherings and activities. Sometimes they have me comparing them to child summer camps. Of course, there’s no large bunk-bed quarters, shared washroom facilities, and usually no chaperones. (Not that I’ve been to summer camp, but I’ve seen them on TV.)

The lake development where Mister and I live isn’t a retirement or even a restricted adult park. There are plenty of young people and families who own places here. We love it, and we love the friends we have made. The majority of the time, life is grand.

The thing is many full time residents are, I hate using the word but, older. So, back to what you don’t see mentioned in commercials or pamphlets about places with an aging population.

Using a well-known cliché reality can sure, “take the wind out of your sails.” I’m not naïve, I know it’s our destiny and that bad things can also happen at any age. But, seeing an ambulance with lights flashing visit the park always sets a bad feeling. No one told me about the high exposure to sicknesses, diagnosed diseases and worse that comes with aging and sometimes where we live.

Emotional strength is needed and tested far too often as our circle of friends decreases. Smiling and staying positivity is sometimes the most difficult thing to do in a day.

So there you have it, the not so rosy part of aging. What do I hope this post accomplishes? I hope it reminds us to appreciate every waking day we and our loved one’s have.

On a lighter note something else I was never warned about that also happens regularly in retirement is, how hard it can be to figure out what day of the week it is. This makes us seem like we’re losing our marbles, but honestly it just doesn’t hold as much importance. Smiley face.

People Say The Funniest Things


It’s not a big, beach inspired craft piece, and it doesn’t ooze restfulness or pop with vibrant colors. It’s no great work of art, but I did option two from, Art and a Glass House.

Funny things pictures have inspired people to say over the years caused me to pause before this college wall I finally got done in our bedroom.

On occasion, I too am guilty of blurting what pops to mind without realizing its silliness. It usually happens when I’m either comfortable with the company I’m in, or embarrassingly, when I’m nervous.

There are successful comedians whose routines reflect and feed off this action, so many of us must share the habit.

Innocent, spontaneous and uncensored comments can be far more real and entertaining as long as they’re not cruel.

I would never want family and friends to watch what they say or be correct in how they speak.

Our 8 x 10 enlarged wedding photo taken with a personal camera, has long since yellowed and has spurred comments like, “Wow that’s an old picture.” I’ve never said any following responses aloud, but I’ve thought them. Gee, could it be because it was framed over three decades ago? You would look old too if you’ve hung on the wall as long as it has.

I’ve been asked, “Is that you?” I certainly hope it’s me since the person is beside Mister and it’s our wedding picture.

“You look so young.” I hope I looked young in my twenties. Maybe they really mean, but are too polite to say, I look old now? Smiley face.

If you studied the wedding picture making your own judgments, you’re not seeing things, that is a stagecoach behind us. And no, that wasn’t the mode of transportation at the time. We were married in the saloon at Fort Edmonton historic park.

There are other photos in this collection that have received interesting remarks. One is a family shot when the kids were young. This I’ve actually heard more than once. “You had such a cute family.” Wait! What are they saying, we’re not cute anymore? Another smiley face.

Here’s one I’m sure everyone has heard. “Is that your family?” Wouldn’t you like to reply, “No,” once just to see their confusion. I could mess with them right now though with the picture frame I got for Christmas. Until I change it, it’s displaying a smiling store bought family.

Most times people don’t even realize they’ve said these things, and that’s part of what makes them funny.

It only took eight years, but every picture hanging on our walls which needed updating is done. I’m pleased, and the cottage feels homey.

Have you heard funny comments about a picture you have?

What Influences You?


By this age, I should have mastered, which if any, movie or book messages can influence me. There are times though when unwanted impressions are hard to shake.

Did watching Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in “Ghost” make me believe in visits from beyond? Oh wait, bad example. I believed long before seeing that movie that spirts can communicate with us. Mind you, not to that extent, but that is for another post.

Did watching “The Brave Little Toaster” or “Toy Story” make me believe toys have feelings and can come alive? Certainly not. My mom told me about this when I was a little girl. Don’t judge her parenting skills or think what a horrible thing to put in a child’s head. Her exact words have long disappeared, but I smile at this recollection because it never spooked or haunted me. She would tell me to put my dolls, stuffy’s, and farm animals away nice and neat. Occasionally she added something simple, although maybe suggestive like, would you want to wake up at the bottom of a pile or in a dark corner? I’m sure she was just teaching me to appreciate and treat my things with respect, and it worked. I will not confess or deny if our children heard any similar comments in their youth. Smiley face.

Did watching Alfred Hitchcock’s, “The Birds,” affect me? Darn right it did. It instilled a strong cautiousness harboring near fear which I’ll probably never outgrow. Believe me, visiting a bird sanctuary is not on my list to do.

Why am I babbling about movie messages and how they influence us is because of the 2007 comedy/drama, “Bucket List?” It made those two words a popular phrase, you hear almost every day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and I get the concept, but I recently realized the phrase, bucket list, bothers me.

I will no longer reference, Bucket list, pertaining to my personal life. I’m switching back to saying, making goals. Goals, has a positivity, a hopefulness, it’s something to strive for and work towards. Checking things off a bucket list is a bit depressing. Oh look, I got one more thing done before… I’d rather say I achieved another goal.

Some of my Goals for 2018.

A big one is, Live by the advice I give others. To not stress and worry about things I don’t and can’t control.

I need to remember, when it comes to our children (actually adults), part of growing is figuring out your own way and learning by the choices. Parents often have opinions which stem from their own experiences, but with youth, as in ours, freedom to follow their own path is necessary.

Not worrying about kids, no matter their age, is impossible. Mister and I try to wait to give suggestions or advice until asked. It’s not that we don’t trust their skills, it’s just sometimes age knows better, or so we think. Another Smiley face.

I will continue to work on when to say something and when not to. I hope our kids realize, it’s not nagging when I say something, or my silence is never because I don’t care. Unbelievable love controls my reactions.

Another goal is, Alzheimer’s sunk its teeth into a sibling last year, so I’m going to keep the sadness that comes with this in check. Instead, enjoy every chance we can spend together and stay positive for that person and their spouse.

Write and read more is a goal ever year.

As always exercise more (with my shoulder healed, get out kayaking again). Eat healthier (occasionally ignoring the snacks that call to me from the pantry) and be productive with planned projects.

Of course, I hope Mister and I can travel this year, take at least one special trip. Our problem is deciding where to go.

In short my 2018 goals are, stress less. Take nothing for granted. Appreciate what I have, not worry about what I don’t, and put even less emphasis on material items. Do things that make me happy. Enjoy every day and spend as much time as I can with family and friends.

Do you set goals or have a Bucket list?

Is there a movie that has influenced your life?

Be Aware, Prepare, and Take Notes


The extreme cold spell began its second week. A weather warning that -32C (-41C with the wind chill) meant extra clothing layers and minutes for Mister and I to dress for New Year’s Eve. We bundled up and walked to T & E’s place for card night. The playing was paused long enough to catch a television countdown and welcome in 2018.

This post’s topic may be one you’ve given some thought, maybe you’re already prepared, but maybe you haven’t thought about it at all. Sorry, in advance if the subject is a bit of a downer, but sometimes reality sucks.

While I washed for bed the other night, recent completed projects from my to-do list came to mind. Whether triggered by another year end or just the winter slowdown, something spurred Mister and I to do some planning for the future, by preparing for the end. Not because we’re hiding an illness. It was for peace of mind.

In many partnerships, bill paying and such is done mostly by one person. Since together our decisions have been joint efforts, I take care of a few accounts, but Mister is our main money handler. So, we listed and reviewed what each is looking after, giving us both a fresh and clear knowledge of finances. 

If something happened to you or your partner, would the other know important details?

  • What monthly bills can be expected?
  • Where are bank accounts? Are there non-joint accounts? If so, is a beneficiary named?
  • Where are all credit card accounts? Are there non-joint ones?
  • Are there, and if so, where are, investments and insurances? 

Be aware, I’ve heard some utility companies, after the fact, charge a re-hook-up fee to switch accounts from one partner’s name to the other, even if you’re married. Another thing I’ve heard is, the partner whose name hasn’t been on accounts has issues, because they haven’t established a credit record.

Then there’s subscriptions or services that are set up for automatic renewal and payment. Computer programs for example. I have a couple on my laptop that Mister wouldn’t be interested in keeping, and he wasn’t aware of them because they come out of an account I manage.

Social Media accounts are a chaos all their own. Which ones are you on, and should they be deleted?

What about point or loyalty cards? Can you both access these? Do you know which can be transferred? Should they be under joint names? I still have to check into some of these. True, many may not be important enough to worry about. But, if they have significant rewards collected, why lose what you’ve earned.

Being a published author, I have sites and online accounts that need attention if I’m not capable, so notes on these were worth jotting down.

Do you stash cash? Are your hiding places ones no one will find? If you want a loved one to receive this money not a stranger someday stumbling across it, then maybe leave a hint? I’ve known people who put bills under floorboards and sewed them in skirt hems.

Be prepared in case sickness or worse happens. Take a few minutes to list information and put it with your Will or someplace safe.

In times of stress and sadness even daily tasks can overwhelm a person. Don’t add trying to find and figure out these simple details to someone you care about.

Perhaps I’m too sentimental, but I learned after our parents all passed that many stories behind items they cherished were lost. So, another project I’m doing is marking items that can be, leaving notes in boxed ones, or listing others.

It’s not that we have items of marketable value, yet we’ve kept things like Mister’s grandpas straight razor pictured above, along with old watches and other jewelry from past generations.

Our kids may not be interested, but if they are, they will have the history behind these treasured trinkets.

Here’s a dilemma. I always presumed our fireproof home safe would be sufficient protection for valuable documents, pictures, etc. Then, in casual conversation with a firefighter he informed me that not all of them are water proof. They may leak in flooding or even if exposed to excessive water during a fire unless they specify both fire/water on them. Ours only states, fire, so my brainwave was, I’ll zip lock stuff then the water damage threat is solved. But, how heat resistant are they, I certainly don’t want a melted plastic mess inside. But, if papers and USB sticks are safe, a baggy should be, right?

My advice is to consider your needs and research options before investing in a safe.

Sometimes, I think, I think too much. But, I do believe in precautions and being prepared if I can.

I did get happier projects done from my to-do list too, but the above were one’s weighing on us for a while now.

Oh, our cold spell is over for now. The coming week’s daily forecast is for temperatures from, plus 3C to -8C. A nice change.

Are you a planner?

Are your ducks, regarding the future, as they say, in a row?

If you know more facts about safes, I’d love to hear them?

Our Bird Is Still Frozen


For most, Christmas get-togethers, meals, and unwrapping are over, but we still have time. This year work schedules and other commitments means our family’s meal and gift exchange will happen late December.

From time-to-time this happens, “Better late than never,” is what we say.

Friends teased Mister and I, “Lucky you guys, you can do your shopping on Boxing Day.”

Even mentioning this makes Mister cringe. He’s a necessity shopper, not a crowd shopper. An adventure like that would probably give him nightmares well into 2018.

If I wanted to go Boxing Day shopping bad enough and begged enough, (heavy emphasis on the Italic words) Mister might come with me. He wouldn’t kick and scream (I don’t think), but he would mutter my craziness for sure.

So, our gifts were wrapped and under the tree almost two weeks ago. Leaving things for the last minute is not really my style, anyway. Well, most things, and most times. Smiley face. Sometimes I wish I did, because every year after I’m done wrapping, I think of or find what I consider better gifts.

Maybe this is normal, and it happens to others? Let me know.

In general, I do better with crowds than Mister, tolerating them for short periods. That is if I’m not trying to make an appointment or catch a plane.

Not living in a town or city makes Boxing Day shopping an effort and indulgence. In the last thirty-five years, I’ve gone maybe 4-5 times. I can’t remember if I bought much other than wrapping paper and a small wall mirror.

The years we stay at the son’s for Christmas, being he is a city dweller, he treats me to a Boxing Day outing. He enjoys shopping, so it doesn’t take much convincing.

This season had looked like we wouldn’t see family until late December, but that changed with a text message early last week.

A cold spell moved in, temperatures dropped from plus double digits to a low of minus 32 degrees Celsius at nights. That didn’t stop Mister and I, from hitting the highway Saturday. We made the 1 1/2 – 2 hour drive which took 3 hours because of heavy holiday traffic, and snowy weather.

With a little plan shuffling, we spent that night at the son and his wife’s. Oh, and the right team won in cards. Smiley face, it was the son and I.

The earlier mentioned text was an invitation from our adopted daughter (as we call her). Christmas eve her and her other half hosted an appetizer night with her brother and family, our son and wife, our daughter and husband, and Mister and I, in attendance.

We didn’t want to intrude on anyone’s Christmas morning, so Mister and I declined offers and stayed at a hotel that night. We did stop for a couple quick visits on our way home though.

It turned out we were blessed this year, and saw the daughter, son and their spouses, both Christmas eve and Christmas day. Plus, we caught-up with the adoptees and their families. This made for a great holiday season and it’s not even over yet.

The only other thing we could have hoped for was to catch-up with the oldest daughter, her husband, the grandkids, and great grandkids who unfortunately were busy with other family commitments.

Soon, we’ll pack this bird, a ham and the wrapped gifts and head to our daughter and husband’s for two nights. Looking forward to it.

I wish the weather was warmer we could spend time with her horse, but visiting and games instead will be fun too.

Do you enjoy shopping? Can you handle crowed sale days?

Do you leave gift shopping for the last minute?

Never Too Much Color



As empty nesters, and even though we don’t get many family visitors with everyone busy this time of the year, we still decorate for Christmas.

Mister puts outside lights up at the beginning of December, which by the way look great. This year he added a nice touch of extras where we can enjoy them from inside.

I love to start my days in a room lit by colorful tree lights.

No radio, no TV, the only noise the rhythmic ticking clocks. Which can be a choir if all six analog have batteries, but three currently don’t. The fridge and deep freeze’s unique chatters and moans chime in once-in-awhile, and the furnace’s comforting hum comes on when it’s time to take out the chill. Unless I’m thinking about these sounds they fade into the background and aren’t unsettling.

Has anyone noticed that weather affects the sound a clock makes? There’s one in our kitchen that gets louder when it’s cold outside.

Anyway, back to tree lights. With hot coffee at my side (and 2 cookies, I know bad habit,) I read or write, glancing up occasionally hoping to catch a beautiful sunrise through the window behind the tree.

We no longer put up a real tree to decorate inside, like we did when the kids were young. Our tall, slim artificial one fits our smaller living space and is a showcase of treasured memories. Most ornaments are handmade or ones we’ve bought during travels.

I admire beautiful themed trees, or those done in one color, yet ours is the opposite. Red, green and silver are my favorite Christmas colors, but our tree shines and glitters with multi colors and a variety of ornaments. The main reason is simple. It makes me happy, because it reminds me of the trees we had growing up.

So there’s a glimpse at what little things bring my December mornings peace and pleasure.

I hope you have a way to start every day with joy, that you will have the Christmas season you hope for, and that 2018 is kind.

Do you do themed, one color, or multi-colored Christmas decorating?

Do you collect tree ornaments from travel spots?

Coatroom Caper


Only the instigator of this caper knew details beforehand and came prepared. When she first arrived she ducked into the coatroom toting numerous bulging bags, only to reappear minutes later empty-handed.

After the potluck meal this fun-loving lady, who often has something up her sleeve, stopped by tables, pointed at friends and said, “Come with me.”

By this time, most attendees were already a few drinks into their evening of celebration and rarely questioned her motives. The unsuspecting group she gathered followed her into the coatroom.

Mister and I, live in a gated golf and lakeside resort. The population and activities increase here in the summer, but a good number of semi or retired and even working people stay full-time. We are more than just residents, though, we are a community that enjoys socializing and getting together.

Last week, close to seventy people attended the annual Christmas Potluck at our clubhouse.

Seasonal decorations and a flickering fire gave the room a warm ambiance. The guest’s happy chatter indicated high spirits and moods which matched bright smiles.

Once again, buffet tables held a delightful variety of tasty foods and desserts, with more than enough to feed everyone.

Mister and I, have gone to this function many times before, but this night was different. An after meal surprise brewed in the coatroom.


The instigator pulled out the stuffed bags she had snuck in and stashed earlier. She handed out props and costumes and created a cast from her followers.

An equipment issue meant a slight delay for the participants who waited in the coatroom, and that’s when my entertainment began. When I saw age related boundaries blur and fade.

I can’t help smile as I’m writing. Perhaps, this will help readers picture what I witnessed. Imagine a teacher or someone trying to control a group of excited preschoolers on a concert night.

From where I sat, the laughing and shenanigans that went on in the coat area proved again, age is only a number. Adults can and will, especially in the name of fun, act like children.

The boys teased the girls, mind you this feisty bunch teased back. Jokes were told and props were played with as the group’s attentions wandered from their instructor. I even heard, “I have to pee.” But, this comment isn’t usually followed with, “Where’s my drink?”

It took 3 different boomboxes, and fifteen if not more people’s efforts, before the required music CD would play. Once it did, the real show began.

The writer/director/instigator narrated a short Christmas tale she scripted while her recruits enthusiastically danced, lip synced, or sang at certain times. They deserve credit for their quick responses to her cues, considering this was unrehearsed, and they had no idea what was coming.

One person had a few lines to recite from a poem about being wrapped in green plastic and called a tree. For this another fellow stood behind the group and taped pages with lines onto a golf ball retriever, which when called upon he positioned so the tree could read them.

From start to finish, it was great entertainment for all in attendance. Nothing beats a night out with old friends or a chance to meet and make new friends.

Another unforgettable evening of fun.

This is just one way snowbirds who stay north keep themselves entertained during the winter months.

Act our age, isn’t a motto we always live by here. Staying active and having fun is what’s important.

For our fellow-laker’s who are down south right now or those who didn’t attend this potluck, see the fun you missed.

I hope my readers enjoy, Love and Laughter, during the Holiday Season and the Coming New Year. Travellers, stay safe.

Do you have friends you can sometimes be silly with?

Do you sometimes act younger than your age?