Inside My Head

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The need to write is not always easily controlled. New plot lines and character traits emerge in a collage of thoughts, desperate to be organized and detailed. With my recent novel published I thought I would dedicate myself to outside summer activities, indulge in more reading, and be diligent with promotional work. My mind seems to have its own agenda though. I’m waking earlier than usual in the morning, while during the day a notepad or electronic devices is never far from reach. A new outline is under way. It’s looking like my next novel won’t be from one of my already started projects, because these new characters are persistent and want their story brought to life with words. Don’t worry, these voices I hear in my head don’t mean I’m disturbed or complaining, I’m just sharing a part of what makes me me.

How often do you experience the almighty mind saying, yeah you should be doing that but let’s do this instead? Is it daily with small things or a major reroute?

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