Birth of my Blog, an Introduction

“Saddles to Shorelines and Life as it Comes”

Saddles Shorelines


My mind races like a Thoroughbred headed for the finish line, thought patterns change direction with the quick agility of a cutting horse. Emotions rise like a cresting wave in a storm, only to crash once they reach the rocky shore.

The above sentences don’t portray me personally, but they are set in the worlds I’m torn between. Two lifestyles and the basis for “Saddles and Shorelines”.

The “Why” Behind A Title

At age seven the “Saddle” part of the title formed. After receiving my first pony, few other hobbies intrigued me. Horses became my life. Every moment I could I learned, trained, and competed. Lucky for me as an adult my husband and children were happy to share this lifestyle.

As one’s body ages or perhaps a result of years of rigorous riding, physical reasons made me retire early from the saddle. Horses remain in my life, but I experience them from the ground now where I guide and pass my knowledge on to our daughter.

Our son’s interests swayed to a different horsepower source, the type with 4 wheels. Posts will cover this topic too since currently the number of classic vehicles in the family outrank horses.

Big changes happened. As they always do, the children grew into adults and ventured onto their own paths. We have a daughter and a son who moved and became big city dwellers, and one daughter who remains in the country. Retired from his, off-the-farm, job my husband and I moved to a lake and golf resort. A new way of life began, the “Shoreline” part of the title.

The goal for this blog is variety.

I’ll share life experiences in short stories meant to entertain or maybe even enlighten. I hope they will engage conversations and I look forward to comments.

If you enjoy or are interested in;

  • Horses
  • Rural living
  • Lake/Ocean living
  • Travel
  • Crafting
  • Classic cars
  • Motherhood
  • Parenting
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Puppies
  • Kitties
  • Sunsets/Sunrises

in other words pretty much anything, then sign up and follow my blog.

I look forward to interacting with people who are interested in “life in general”.

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