Hoping Winds Are Calm



A Current Living Room View


The Country Living Room View

When Mother Nature decides it’s time to transition from summer, she paints a scenic picture. A tree’s green leaf’s die and the process turns them stunning Autumn colors, shades of yellow, orange and sometimes red. It’s a great time to be outside, for road trips or strolls in the park. Even the air smells different with the hint of fall sweetness. My hopes are always that fall winds stay away for as long as possible before striping branches bare for the next season.

Sure, the change means long, hot summer days are dwindling. Gone will be deck visits while dressed in shorts and basking in sunshine. Days on the lake become memories as boats are pulled from marinas, and along with RV’s they get winterized and parked.

Tan lines fade quickly. Sandaled feet get hidden in socks. Closets are fuller, because handy now, are the bulky lined coats soon needed for winter ventures.

These changes make some people sadder than others.

My up-side is, also gone will be nights too hot to sleep. No more sunburns to suffer when an outdoor activity takes longer than expected and you forgot to apply sunscreen. The most enjoyable is, no more swatting at pesky Mosquitos and other biting and crawling insects.


Soon, we’ll wake to a glistening white wonderland.

I consider myself a bit of a winter person so this season appeals to me more than to many. I love sunny day walks when the crisp air chills your cheeks and the fresh snow crunches under your boots. When the ground is white and the sky bright blue, the taste of a hot dog cooked over a roaring outside fire really hits the spot. Skiing, snowboarding, skating, sledding, tobogganing are just a few great ways to enjoy the outdoors and pass the coming months.

On the downside, blizzards, icy roads and dealing with outdoor issues in these conditions is never fun. I feel for those who have to leave their cozy homes in crappy weather to get to their daily jobs. I don’t miss those days.

Being retired has fantastic benefits during the winter months. We keep the fridge and freezer stocked so we can hunker-down and watch from indoors when snow is blowing and it’s too cold to be outside.

Do you live in a four season region? Which is your favorite season?

If not four-seasons, how many do you get and what major change occurs?

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