Sunrises Or Sunsets?

This or That Thursday is here again ! 

Which Do you Enjoy Most?

Join in the Fun, Put your preference in the Comment Box.

dsc01443          sunset-fence

Sunrises                         OR                        Sunsets

I love the beauty in both, but my favorite are Sunrises.

As I sit in the living room, coffee in hand, there is something special about witnessing the horizon come alive with color.

Yesterday, when I woke in darkness and waited for my coffee to brew a thought struck me. I wonder if I prefer sunrises because of habit and convenience? My chair faces a south, south-eastern wall of windows so it’s impossible not to notice and admire the brilliant display. Our patio doors and kitchen windows face west, yet I rarely catch the sunsets because they are at my back.

Now I’m curious, and I’m going to make a point of catching the sun setting. Maybe I’ll schedule washing dishes at that time because the view from the sink looks out over a pond.

I better clean windows and have a camera ready, I feel there’s going to be some picture taking done.

What is your preference?

Do you think location or memorable situations can sway the choice?

Let’s see which is more popular. Put a quick or explained response in the comment box.

The next regular Blog post will be Monday.

2 thoughts on “Sunrises Or Sunsets?

  1. Yes, sunrises seem to appear slower, they creep up. The house is usually quiet, no distractions, whereas sunsets, by the time I realize it’s getting dark their done, gone. Just too much going on in the evening.


  2. I always like sunrise too. Everything comes a live. The birds start singing and makes me feel so happy. The clouds turn awesome colors. But.,then again I sit in my livingroom in the evening facing west and the sun gives us one last hurrah before she settles in for the night.

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