Missing Las Vegas


The kids and I at the Valley of Fire

I’m suffering withdrawal from a treasured yet broken behaviour. In recent years, I would just be returning from a Las Vegas, Nevada getaway or excited for an upcoming December one. This November came fast, and with my traveling companions and myself preoccupied a trip didn’t get planned.

Mister and I had a busy fall building a project, plus a couple medical issues complicated life. The son and his girlfriend took a trip to a neighbouring province, and our daughter made use of great weather to enjoy ridding her young horse.

Las Vegas is a destination Mister and I enjoy, and often we go there twice a year.

Although, the common participants for shorter November trips are the son (who loves Vegas), our daughter (who loves trips), and myself.

We fly, we rent a vehicle (with the choices available the son, a car guy and our driver, looks forward to choosing the rental) and we get little sleep. Ask the daughter about the brutal pace of the first trip we three took. I think we slept 12 or 13 hours total during the 3 days. She called her brother and I crazy more than once and wondered why we spent money on a hotel room we seldom used. We had a good time though and that’s what counts.

The gambling, nightlife or even big shows aren’t what we go for.

We stay on the strip, and always revisit other big Hotels, but we love to explore the countryside and surrounding attractions.

Some of our favorite places near Vegas are the Valley of Fire (where we’ve even enjoyed Christmas picnics), Oatman, AZ. (the section of Route 66 to get there, and the wild donkeys that roam the town), and Hoover Dam.

By far the best for me, is the scenery from the smaller two lane highways along Lake Mead. Those stretches are worth the road trip. My brother and the son shared the experience and say they are a great drive on motorcycles.


Approaching Lake Mead


Route 66 to Oatman, AZ

Other highlights in or closer to the city are the Mobster Museum, Fremont Street, Red Rock Canyon, driving sand dune buggies, and the race track (where you can drive fancy cars, and ride with a professional drifter, very fun). Not wanting to write a long rambling post this is a short list of options, and even with all the time we’ve spent there we haven’t run out of new things to see and do.

We have many fond memories from Vegas vacations, starting back when the kids were young to recent family trips.

If you have never been and are planning to visit the city, the Hotels and sights on the strip are amazing but so is the surrounding scenery. 

Maybe we’ll go in the coming months, or hopefully next fall for sure. I’m always game for a trip. With about two hours notice, I can be packed and ready.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas, Nevada?

What is your favorite place to see there?

Do you have a place you never tire of traveling to?

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