Hiding In The Hotel Bathroom


Insight into travelling with someone whose sleeping habits differ from your own.

I rolled over, reached for the cell phone on the bedside table, and silently groaned. Of all mornings to be wide awake at 5:30am. If at home it would have been fine, that’s a great time to read or write, but getting up early today meant sitting in the dark and being quiet so not to disturb Mister.

I Tossed and turned, my mind raced with things to do, I did the grocery list, the weeks meal planning, and outlined two blog posts. Too bad I didn’t have a pen and paper to jot stuff down so I wouldn’t forget.

My iPad would have worked, but it was plugged in across the pitch black room and my glasses were somewhere but I wasn’t sure where.

Eventually, I dozed off and woke again at 7:30am.

Once my eyes adjusted and I recalled the rooms layout, I snuck out of bed and stumbled about in search of my clothes and glasses. You have to love those black out curtains.

Usually when staying in Hotels I have the coffee ready to just turn on in the morning, last night I thought about it but didn’t do it.

You see, coffee first thing is a necessity for me.

Next using a sliver of bathroom light I quietly moved the little in room coffee pot and makings into the bathroom. With the door closed I opened all the crinkly packages everything comes in and brewed a coffee.

Back out in the dark bedroom I sat in the armchair with my iPad ready to write this post. Not five minutes later, Mister woke, turned lights on and opened the blinds, my stealth was wasted.

Even though it was just one night stay in the city, mainly for a doctor appointment, we got some visiting in and the change of scenery was nice.

I do love to travel, how about you?

Sorry this Monday post is so late, I should be back on track next week.

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