Our Version of a Norman Rockwell


Wrenches and grease, are items often involved when Mister and our son are bonding. That’s what I call the time they spend hunched over or laying under a vehicle as they solve an issue or replace a part.

In our family a picture like above would make a more realistic Norman Rockwell scene.

Mister and the son share a fascination and knowledge for anything motorized. Finding the right word to describe their hobby is tricky. Even, hobby, by its definition is misleading, because many things they work on out of necessity not choice. Sometimes the chore is physically taxing, and by their muttered words they don’t always enjoy what they’re doing.

What I know, is they can often listen to a sputtering engine, guess what’s wrong and fix the problem.

They can recognize a vehicle’s make and model with a glimpse of the grill or taillights. Mister more so with the older ones while the son has a keenness for exotic cars and newer models.

They dream and envision building the perfect shop, like the daughter and I do an extravagant barn.

The son drove tractors, lawn mowers, etc. long before having his licence. Behind the wheel of the family 4×4 truck he used gallons of fuel as he practiced in the field while Mister and his father baled hay.

Having children in high school can cause parents stress, but we were fortunate because of this interest our son developed. Instead of wondering if he was partying or getting into trouble, we could look out the back window up towards the shop and know him and his friend were inside. The distance between neighbors in the country allowed their music to play and the shop lights to burn long into the nights while the two of them tinkered on vehicles.

Our sons car which he’s had since late high school. Mister and I were on a trip when we got a call that him and his oldest sister found it for sale.


This is once it was home, and they removed the worn engine.

Then on a cold snowy winter night, as a family, we pushed and loaded the car onto our flat-deck for its ride to the high school the next day. There the son and his friend put a new motor in as a grade 12, Shop Class project.

After a few more changes, and additions this is how it turned out.


As silly as it sounds we’ve always named our vehicles, the son calls his car, “Sueño Azul,” “Azul,” for short. That’s Spanish for Blue Dream.


You know you have a car guy in the family when a picture of his daily driver, above, is enlarged and showcased on the wall of his home.

Encourage your children to have an interest or hobby and be grateful and embrace the opportunity if it is one you can enjoy together.

Does your child have a interest or hobby?

Did they pick it up from you or your spouse?


11 thoughts on “Our Version of a Norman Rockwell

  1. Love this! Hobbies are good for the soul, and how fun to share one with a family member. My sons share their father’s love for fishing. My daughters share my passion for crafting, shopping and baking. We all enjoy traveling.

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    • It doesn’t get any better than family members enjoying time together. Our daughter and I share a love of horses. Yes, we all enjoy traveling too, and even though the kids are adults we still take trips together when we can.

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  3. I agree that it is great, as a parent, to know where you teenage kids are (at least most of the time). Our son is a classical musician and a rock climber who does not like to drink much, he will be 21 in April. I want to throw a party for him but he is not interested. I used to worry that he would miss out on the “regular” social interactions that the other teens were into, but now realize how easy I had it! I never worried that he was out getting into trouble or driving home drunk from a party. I do worry he will fall to his death ice climbing!! But I know he will be as safe as possible! We parents do the best we can!

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    • Yes, it’s a blessing to raise teenagers without big issues. We were blessed. Our son loves the quote that goes something like, “Instill the love of cars in your child and they won’t have extra money for a drug problem.” Our daughter is the same but with horses. I hope your son stays safe when climbing 🙂 My favorite motto for parenting is, do the best you can with what you know at the time.

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  4. Man! I love that last photo!! My husband is a car guy, too. ^_^
    Our oldest son (13) is taking after his interest in auto mechanics as well as random handyman stuff. They’ve been working on fixing up a BMX bike together for the last few months as they have had time. I love seeing them do manly things together, lol.

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