What is Retirement?


Mister and I sometimes get asked, what do you do to fill the days, do we get bored?

No, we don’t get bored often. Sure, some days are quieter than others, but than there’s days like today that seem short.

Today is flying by because, even though it was a weeknight, we were up having fun while playing cards with good friends T & E until 2:30 this morning.

It’s great having the opportunity to do this, knowing we can sleep in which I did until 9:30, and knowing it won’t interfere with projects needing doing. Unlike when working and you only have those precious 2 days, a week, off.

What doesn’t get done today can get done another day.

Hence the clock picture capturing the time it was when I finished my morning coffee, doing emails, and finally went to get dressed.

I skipped lunch because a breakfast cinnamon bun worked for both. There was barely time to vacuum and stroll the yard checking flowerbeds before my 3:00 afternoon coffee break. Smiley face.

Life can be great! Savor the downtime, tomorrow might be busier.

Just thought I’d share this short unscheduled post as I reflect on how enjoyable retirement freedom is.

Retirement is different for everybody but this is a glimpse of ours.

Here is a startling, amazing, somewhat scary, call it what you may, tidbit.

The four of us card players vary in age and without revealing the exact numbers if adding our years on this earth together they approximately total 295.

Are you retired? If not are you counting the days, months or years until it happens?

9 thoughts on “What is Retirement?

  1. Thank you for this post! We are always contemplating when and what to do next. Retire? work part time? We are busy with activities buy worry that we will be bored if there is not that overriding need to “do something”. I do hope my husband can finally put this myth to rest that he will get bored! I feel we can be happy, busy and retired, just like you two!

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  2. My husband and I chose to start living a debt free life hoping to one “retire”( work because we want to not needing to). My husband is an Engineer and absolutely loves his work. He says he doesn’t see himself retiring but perhaps working from home fully may mean retirement for us. I dream of traveling to places we have never been, living in a simple country side small home, sorrounded by wild flowers 💞

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    • Working from home allows some freedom, for sure. A person does need something to fill down time. Occasionally, Mister still works in the business he did before retiring. Myself, I write, read and have so many crafts I enjoy, I’m never bored. Travelling is always a treat.


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