A Week Pet Sitting

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Why Are You On The iPad?

Puppy’s are made of short naps, hours of fetch and tug a-war, and the rest of the time is pet me or at least pay attention to me.

Mister and I spent last week pet sitting at our son’s house in the City, while he and his girlfriend went on vacation.

Under our care was Dobby, a nine month Doberman Pincer pup, Chewbacca and Little two felines, and a dwarf hamster.

When looking after Ruben or now Dobby our fur Grand-puppies for longer than a night, Mister and I find it easier if we’re at their homes where they have fenced yards.

In preparation I packed writing assignments, reading, two knitting projects, and had planned to catch up downloading pictures and organizing them during the sort of vacation away from our own chores.

What was I thinking?

I always expect to get more done in a week than is practical and I hadn’t considered the coming distractions.

The first full day on our own I was out of bed before Mister which is normal because that’s when I like to write.

Who would have guessed that Dobby would bark whenever I’d stop paying attention to him and look at my iPad? With Mister still asleep, I tried to keep one hand petting him while the other maneuvered the stylist on the iPad on my lap. That might have worked if not for the unexpected boops causing all kinds of chaos on screen. The puppy won my attention that morning.

By midweek, I had more of a routine. Emails got checked when Mister could play with Dobby, and there was no more barking at my iPad if I tried short sporadic spurts of morning writing.

The kid’s 3 story home also distracted me from time to time. We only used the main floor, an upstairs spare bedroom and two of the four bathrooms, but with carpet and house pets there was vacuuming, dusting, or wiping nose and paw prints, to keep up with.

A quirt of mine is I enjoy house cleaning, I’m not obsessed about it but it can sidetrack me. Give me a sink of warm soapy water and I can spend hours spot washing doors, frames, walls or non-daily areas.

Our kids have never complained that having us house sit often comes with a cleaning bonus. It’s not meant to offend, it’s just what I do when I’m bored or unsettled.

Adjusting to a different TV provider proved frustrating for Mister. Remotes, menus and channels were not what he was familiar with, so he usually gave up searching for shows. Instead, he would find a channel with reruns and we would just watch what ever came on.

There was, On-Demand, Netflix, and the kids left written instructions how to use these but we couldn’t get interested in either. It surprised us to learn how much we watch and depend on our PVR and taped favourites when at home.

Being in the city for a week came with benefits. We got in a couple visits with our nearby daughter, although unfortunately we weren’t able to catch up with the oldest one. I enjoyed a shopping day with my BFF which ended with her husband and Mister meeting us for a enjoyable supper out.

We had a shortened but nice visit with the kid’s when they got home. They had other things to do though, so we got out of their hair and returned to our cottage.

My voice will probably crack from lack of use not saying, good puppy, bad puppy, Dobby don’t chase the cats, no, leave it, go get your toy.

I should have weighed myself prior to staying there. I’m certain I lost weight, not enough but still a positive, due to trips up the stairs and having Dobby judge me if I ate snacks. Because of his watchful eye I didn’t consume a single potato chip during the week, a record for me.

Another misconception was I thought I’d have tons of opportunity and it would take little effort to get great pet pictures for this post. By the time I would grab a device and get a camera App open they would either turn away from me, move into bad lighting, have disappeared, or Dobby would boop the camera resulting in a blurred picture. If I tried to sneak into a different room for a cat’s photo session, Dobby would find us in a flash and send the cats fleeing.

This is one of the few pictures I managed to get of Chewy, the black cat, and Little, the tabby.


Oh a warning, cats are traders.

We swear the cat dish always had food in it which is how they are use to being feed but they made sure to lick it clean sometime between the last nightly check and the morning when the kids got home, making it look like we neglected them. This after letting them share our bed every night, a treat they don’t get to do with the kids.

When either the son or daughter ask us to look after their animals, if we can, we are glad to do the favour, but we’ll admit we enjoy stays at their places better when they’re there and we can visit them.

What do I appreciate the most about being home?

No puppy has tried to steal my morning cookies, and I can enjoy a full cup of hot coffee without the interruptions of throwing a slobbery rubber toy.

I miss the cute faces and their happiness to see us though, but not enough to make us think of having a full time pet of our own again. Been there, done that.

One more thing, I don’t remember Mister and I wearing so many cloths while away so who does all this dirty laundry we brought home belong to.

I wrote this post with a smile and a fondness of animals.

Do you ever Pet sit?

Do you prefer doing it at your own place or go to the animals home?

9 thoughts on “A Week Pet Sitting

  1. You were sweet to do this for them and clean their house! For me pet sitting means I visit every few days to make sure everyone is alive (obviously I don’t sit for dogs because they need constant attention). You are a better human than I 🙂


  2. How nice that you can help out your family by pet sitting. Obviously, all those fur babies kept you visiting!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing. I’m planning to return the favor!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not surprised that a nine-month old Dobie pup kept you busy! That’s sort of like the teenage years for humans. They may know the rules, but they don’t always obey them, and they have boundless energy. Still, I bet it was fun.
    We dog sit for one of my son’s dogs when he and his wife go out of town, and my daughter looks after their other dog. (Our dog, Lucy, gets along with Frank, but Roxie is too much for her.) We always have the dogs come to our home, although if we are just feeding dinner or giving a potty break, then of course we go to their homes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true about, the knows the rules, but once in awhile he was pure puppy 🙂 He had more energy than we did that’s for sure. He did really good considering he’s use to a different schedule, the son works nights so I would get up when Dobby was use to sleeping.

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  4. We don’t have pets (mostly because we want to be able to travel whenever we can), but I miss have a furry buddy around. I don’t get to pet sit (other than visits to the humane society every once in a while), but it sounds like fun – all the cuddles, and none of the vet bills.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, we enjoy our freedom for traveling that’s why we don’t have our own anymore and we’re lucky we can get those cuddles in whenever we see either of our kids. Definitely don’t miss the vet bills.


  5. We Pet sat a couple of dogs (Dachshund mix) for the brother-in-law, so they could go out of town for two days to attend their daughters marriage. They said the dogs were potty trained, and well-mannered. The. Dogs. Were. Heathens.

    After discovering they were not house-trained, having taken them out every 2 hours, and they still used the house. They were confined to the guest bathroom, which they energetically disassembled, scratching up the door and tearing up the vinyl at the base of the door.

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