Blog Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

A big thanks to, Riddle From The Middle, for nominating me for “The Blogger Recognition Award.”

As a new blogger, having my posts viewed brings satisfaction. Getting likes and comments is rewarding, and I’m thrilled and honoured to have RFTM, whose blog inspires me, enjoy my work.

Riddle From The Middle’s blog is about her journey through everyday family life. What makes her work worth reading is she writes with a genuineness that’s inviting and entertaining. Check out her blog here.

These are the Blogger Award questions and my answers.

How my blog got started.

Layered with years of experiences, a mind stocked with stories and an inquisitive nature, I’m surprised I took this long to start blogging?

When I’m writing a novel, I spend an abundance of time wrapped up with the characters and their storyline. After my recent book hit the presses, I wanted a short break from writing fiction but not from writing in general.

A new passion started when I began reading blogs and following favorites. That led to commenting on posts, and soon I joined the fun and created, “Saddles to Shorelines and Life as it Comes.”

To me, blogging is a version of reality TV, but the drama is more controllable. I enjoy connecting with real people while we discuss concerns and sometimes silly topics. It’s a way to share interests, inspire each other, or make us reflect on precious moments. A bonus for a writer is bringing a smile to someone’s day.

Two huge benefits to blogging is I can be in my PJ’s, and I’m never followed by a camera.

While I plot my next novel, blogging keeps my mind in writing mode and my fingers practised on the keyboard.

My 2pc of advice for new bloggers.

– With my blog less than a year old I don’t have the experience to say what works or doesn’t, but if you enjoy sharing thoughts and writing join me in, the learn as we go group. The hardest part is pressing the publish button.

– Although getting readers and gaining followers is wonderful and satisfying, write for your own joy. You get out of blogging what you put in to it.

Rules for This Award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.

Write a post to share your award with a brief story of how your blog started, and give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

Nominate 10 to 15 bloggers for this award.

Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link back to this post.

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Views and Mews by Coffee Kat


Hang In There


Digger, one of our barn cats and his favorite tree.

Hang in there readers, here comes a schedule change.

We’ve entered the season of sandals and being outdoors.

A time for summer activities, boating, golfing, building and yard projects.

A time for increased visiting and road trips.

It’s harder for me to squeeze in time to write, especially on weekends, so instead of my weekly Sunday posts which went to email followers on Mondays, I’m switching to midweek. I’m not sure which day will work best yet, but I promise to fall into a routine soon.

Are your weekends getting busy?

What’s your favourite summer activity?

A Queen Of Hearts


Sharing a life with your child or children is a wonderful and indescribable journey. Not everyday runs smooth, and they shouldn’t. Lessons, good or bad are crucial to a person’s growth.

There are two sides to Mother’s day, a time for children to express their appreciation and a day for mothers to reflect on their joy.

Sometimes, work schedules or time with their spouse’s family means I can’t spend Mother’s Day, with one or all of our children. I understand though, and I’ve said this before, “Any day with them during the year, is Mother’s Day for me.”

Whether a visit on May 14, a phone call, or a message, I’m touched to receive the simplest acknowledgement.

Me as a Mother

Have I made mistakes?

You bet, but I’ve always done the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time.

Will I make more mistakes?

Probably. There should be no repeats, but parenting didn’t come with a manual for new situations, and I will be a parent until the day I die.

I believe, I’ve had a few successful moments too, though. About now, I’m imagining the kids and Mister, groaning and rolling their eye’s, but I’m sure, given enough thought they can come up with some precious memories of things I did right.

My message to our children, forgive my past and future imperfections and misjudgments and know the bottom line is, this Queen of Hearts, will always love you.

To my long past Mother: My love didn’t die with your physical being. I miss and think of you every day.

The years you get with your parents are never enough, so appreciate them while they are alive.

For Mother’s reading this, I hope you have a day that makes you happy or words or a message that make you feel special and loved.

Please, Be Careful !!!

I’m sharing our recent chaos hoping to save others from similar misfortune. It takes a mere second to trigger a domino effect. We’ve all heard it a hundred times, “Be careful of computer scams.” The biggest problem, is sometimes our clicking reactions are on autopilot when we scroll emails.

I want to caution readers about an email, Mister received supposedly from Paypal regarding charges occurred on Facebook.

Please, if you see one like this or any unusual message in your Inbox think twice before reacting. What ever it is to do with, check that account directly, don’t believe email warnings.

A little over a week ago I had used Paypal and whether coincidence the following day Mister got an email which in the subject box stated a Paypal charge for a Facebook purchase. Well, that was not where I used Paypal and the amount was double my transaction.

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, autopilot had us click on the message.

That’s when our nightmare began, and it still isn’t completely resolved. Keeping this brief though the results were, a frozen computer with a flashing note to phone Microsoft Support, a number bold in the on-screen box. Next came the remote access to check and fix the issue, programs were installed. Then we realized it was not Mircosoft who we had called, so bank accounts and files were now at risk. Hours of phone calls have followed, days of sleeplessness and stress, the headache of cancelling cards and getting new ones, and changing every password we both have.

Top all that off with the cost of a computer specialist to get both our laptops safe and back working. Yes, they accessed two laptops and my iPad, but Apple assured me that was safe though.

People, and I was one of them, say how does this happen? Why do people fall for scams?

Trust me, this person was a professional at making me believe who he was and what needed doing, even when I out right asked him, how do I know you’re not scamming me?

Scammers know our mental buttons, they know what common sites to mention that will get our attention. Once inside our head and hard-drives their skill can be overpowering.

Please readers be careful online!!

Mister and I know better, we’ve avoided potential problems before, but this time, a minuscule lapse in concentration was all it took.

Oh, one more thing before you leave.

Check the expiry date on your Drivers License, sign up for email or text notifications of an approaching due date.

Many of you are probably snickering but do you know when yours comes due?

It’s not a card I look at and we use to get snail-mail reminders but I forgot that stopped.

The only good thing to come out of our computer issue was when getting a new debit card my bank asked to see my drivers license as photo ID. Who knew it had expired months ago, and I wonder when I would have noticed this?

Mister and I have now registered for email notification.

I hope you all can avoid the headaches and hassles we endured during this lesson.