Hang In There


Digger, one of our barn cats and his favorite tree.

Hang in there readers, here comes a schedule change.

We’ve entered the season of sandals and being outdoors.

A time for summer activities, boating, golfing, building and yard projects.

A time for increased visiting and road trips.

It’s harder for me to squeeze in time to write, especially on weekends, so instead of my weekly Sunday posts which went to email followers on Mondays, I’m switching to midweek. I’m not sure which day will work best yet, but I promise to fall into a routine soon.

Are your weekends getting busy?

What’s your favourite summer activity?

9 thoughts on “Hang In There

  1. Hi Kathy! I figured out how to leave a comment….and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks….hah!
    Summers in northern MN consist of cold and rain in late May to late June. It is a real crap shoot to know when to put out flowers or plant gardens. I have already killed two beautiful hanging pots because the sun peeked out for a moment and I seized it and damn if the plants didn’t die from something. Once the weather warms up (we have a week of hot, humid weather in late June) you can’t enjoy being outside because of the mosquitoes and gnats and woodticks (they are crazy bad this year). July is our “best” month for sunshine but also gets ugly humid and of course, the mosquitoes NEVER go away but the ticks seem to lessen come mid-July. August is fickle as is September…we might get frost at night so pick those green tomatoes and wrap them up individually in newspaper and stick them in brown paper bags and check each one periodically….oh the tales I could tell you about our foray into gardening….one elderly gentleman kinda summed up our inexperience in gardening when he was in the check out line at the feed store and my husband had bought 20# of seed potatoes….he looked at all the potatoes and said, “Son, where are you planting all those potatoes?”

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    • Glad to hear to figure out how to comment. We’re never too old to learn we just might forget what we learned faster. 🙂 Gee, sounds like your weather can be a bit tricky. Our May’s and September’s can be really nice, but June, July, and August’s are what we call summer. No major bug or humidity months, so I consider us pretty lucky.


  2. I used to do a new post every four days, and then I tried for Sundays, plus one mid-week. Now I just post when I can, and it has worked out fine. I’m sure your new schedule will work out as well. We’re happy to read your writing whenever you do it!

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  3. We have a very short period of Spring. Never know how long it will last, or how mild. Then Summer hits and it is absolutely too hot to be outside unless you work. Humidity so high you can cut the air with a knife. I’ve seen the birds using oven mitts to pull worms out of the ground. So in the Summer time, we retreat indoors.

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