Is This Normal?

ShirtThis topic is a bit odd for a post but it came to me while I was trying to fall asleep. There’s an occurrence that’s common with Mister, myself and our kids which we often joke about, and I’m curious if it happens to others.

The, year after year, appearance of certain clothing in holiday pictures. In our defense, T-shirts, tank tops, button up shirts, and hoodies don’t go out of style, right.

Do you have an average time period you keep your clothes, or do you keep them until they wear out or don’t fit?

As I laid in bed, I did a mental inventory of my clothing. I’m almost ashamed to admit that probably 85% of my wardrobe is 5-10 years old, and 10% is older (some pieces by a lot).

My reaction was, yikes, but if the items are still in good shape and in style, why replace them.

I grew up very money conscious and have been thrifty all my life but is keeping clothes for years normal?

Can anyone relate to this?

My next thought was, I wondered how many pieces in my collection, that aren’t new, still have the price tags on. The count was five. What’s up with that I’m not sure, other than most of those are dresses or too fancy for everyday. The dresses were bought with good intensions to wear them, but it rarely happens.

Will the revelation brought on from post trigger a thorough wardrobe revitalization, I doubt it will.

I’ll share one more confession which I’m sure may make some of you grasp in horror. The oldest item of clothing I have and still wear is my favorite work shirt pictured above.

Mister bought this western shirt shortly after we met then years later passed it down to me. It has been in the family since the late 1970’s.

I like wearing it on hot days at the farm when we’re working and I want my arms covered for scratch protection. The fabric is breathable, but is getting so thin I’m not sure how many more washings it can take before falling apart.

What is the oldest piece of clothing you have and still wear?

16 thoughts on “Is This Normal?

  1. Fun post! I have an oriental robe that is at least thirty years old hanging in my closet! My husband bought it for me before he met me. He would travel around the world with his job and buy his future wife gifts. This robe was one of them.

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  2. Oy, if my closet could only speak….it would tell you that there are clothes in it that have never been worn… about 30% of the clothing hanging in there. Some because they are too small, some because they were ordered online at a shop that does not accept returns and the material is not what I thought it would be and I can’t make myself wear it, some because they are wrinkled and I have been way too busy (LAZY) to iron them and many of them because they are sleeveless and I am too considerate of others to subject them to my lumpy, batwing arms. So why don’t I sell them (too much trouble), give them away (none of my friends have my wild taste in clothing), donate them (I am pretty much a self-proclaimed recluse and hardly ever go anywhere to bring them there). So there they sit. In the only closet in the entire house. In my mind, I am a wild, boho, gypsy, hippie type but in my body and real life, I am more of a yoga pants, leggings, big shirts kinda gal. I buy clothes based on this fantasy that someday I will go out and dazzle the world with my artsy-fartsyness and I will have to have the clothes to fit that personality. I used to buy clothing in smaller sizes so I would have incentive to lose weight to get in to them. HAH, what a joke that was. I had brand new clothes in five different sizes, every few years buying bigger and bigger sizes but still in a size or two smaller than I was at the time. Well, as the scale climbed higher and higher, I finally admitted defeat and gave away or donated the thousands of dollars worth of clothing that was never going to fit me until I was three years in the grave.
    The oldest pieces of clothing I own I will never wear but keep as rememberances of a thinner time, a tighter body, a time where a size 9 was my norm (but always wanting to be a 7 or a 5). One is a leather halter top that could now not even fit around my thigh let alone my chest area (ah the mid-70’s were my time to rock) and a two piece Capri outfit that when my mom bought it for herself back in the late 70’s, I thought it was the ugliest thing on the planet. It was a cotton linen material that had big Lifesaver candy-type circles all over both the square neck, sleeveless, just to the waist top and the super skinny, zip up the back pants…and the best had “dingle balls” hanging from the waist of the top and down both legs on the outside seam. She had bought it at the most exclusive shop in town and she may have worn it once but that goofy outfit grew on me and I asked for it to wear as my “burial outfit” as I thought it would be such a hoot to go to Heaven wearing dingle balls! Since I do not want an open casket, my family knows that I want that outfit to just be laid on top of me because unless I lose more than half my current body weight there ain’t no way on this side of Glory that it would ever fit me but I’ll be damned if I’ll journey to Heaven without those dingle balls!

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    • Thanks, for the comment, I enjoyed reading it. I think everyone hangs onto to some of those, I might fit into them again pieces, but I don’t know many who it works out for. Loved the part about the capri outfit and what a great idea you have taking it to heavon with you. Your Mom will smile when she sees it. 😊

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  3. What an original idea for a post. My oldest piece of clothing is probably 4-5 years old. They’re a pair of Lululemon studio pants and they’ve been worn at least once a week since then. Most of my clothes are thrifted. I love having a small wardrobe where everything goes together.

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  4. If that’s not normal, I guess I’m odder than I thought! I have a closet full of clothes, but many of them have been hanging around for a while 🙂 I also have a few with the tags still on them. Like most people, I actually wear just a few items a lot (the favorites that fit well and flatter me), but it’s hard to give up things that, despite being in good shape, just don’t work anymore.

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  5. The oldest items I have are my jackets. I have a different one for every different type of weather, from a wind breaker, to an anorak to a padded lagging jacket. Some are about 20 years old!! But they are so comfortable and although not suitable anymore for good wear, they are perfect for around home and quiet country walks!

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  6. I have some jeans I think are 4-5 years old. Bought from wal-mart and they are still good. I see no need to replace something if it is still serviceable. I’m just not into keeping up with the neighbors.

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