Gorilla Tape Saves The Holiday


A recent fall journey began with an evening rain shower that turned to snow during the night. By morning enough white stuff accumulated to require a snow-brush and ice scraper to clean off T.C. (our van), but the roads were bare and all participants woke raring to go.

Taking a road-trip while the beautiful fall colors are out is so worth leaving shorts and sandals behind and packing bulkier and a bit more clothing. Mister and I love to travel at this time of the year.

The luggage stowed inside was for two siblings (myself and one of my brothers) and two outlaws (our spouses). Not to worry, there was more bags than what you see above by the time we returned. (Insert Smiley face here).

Us four have traveled together before. To Las Vegas and last summer we explored the Washington and Oregon coast. This time we headed to Canada’s west coast and Vancouver Island. Our numbers increased to six though on the second day when one of my sister’s and her husband met up and joined us.

The weather system that brought the overnight snow was small, so it wasn’t long into the drive before even the fields and ditches were bare again.

Unfortunately, the trip started like no other; it started with a bang, and not a good kind.

An hour and a half after we set out two animals appeared from nowhere, and as a pair they ran across the highway in front of us. Mister slammed on the brakes which gave the lead one just enough time to escape, but nothing could be done to avoid hitting the second.

Tears filled my eyes as I walked back to check the animal lying motionless on the pavement, knowing very well its state. I apologized to it and hoped death came in an instant so it suffered no pain.

Within seconds Mister appeared behind me and pulled the body out from the path of oncoming traffic. I’m not sure I could have done that.

No humans were injured. The van’s under shroud was ripped off, and a good portion of the front end was either cracked, or broken. Lucky for us though, the air bags didn’t go off, the headlights remained intact, and although the air conditioning radiator was dented T.C. ran fine. Damages were all cosmetic.

Nothing could change what happened, and with a highway not being the safest place to hangout we all got back inside and headed for the next town.

Mister and I stood in the mall parking lot while he made the appropriate phone calls. My brother ran into a store and bought a roll of Gorilla tape. It was needed to hold dandling and vibrating pieces safely in place, so we could continue on our way.

As a side note, this was our first time using Gorilla tape, and we were impressed by its strength and staying power through rain and winds.

My superstitious nature kicked in often during the next fourteen days as I worried about the, “Bad things happen in three’s,” theory. Then, I would hear my mother’s words, “Things happen for a reason.” Perhaps that delay saved us from a more severe incident, we will never know for sure. With us all safe at home now, I can report any other mishaps were minor compared to our start.

I intended to post sights and finds on my blog while on this trip, but the ocean always beckoned for me to spend my spare time strolling the shores.

Truth be known, I need little encouragement to do just that.

The only writing I did while on the road was in our daily travel journal. This is a practice I’ve done for years now. We enjoy looking back on the information, to reminisce, or use it to reference things when revisiting an area.

Do you keep a travel journal?

Can superstitions unsettle you?

Have you ever had a rough start to a holiday? If so, did you continue or turn back?


20 thoughts on “Gorilla Tape Saves The Holiday

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  2. I am glad you continued on your trip. I thought the story would make an excellent add for Gorilla tape! Perhaps if you share with the |Gorilla Tape company they could use it to promote their product and give you something toward your next adventure.

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  3. What a sad way to start a trip. That would’ve made me cry as well. I remember a very uncomfortable train ride which was the start of a trip to Disneyland. It was uncomfortable because I had a 3-month old with croup who was on a nursing strike. I love visiting the ocean. So calming and relaxing.


  4. I’m so sorry your trip started that way! But I think you made the right decision to continue. Sometimes bad stuff just can’t be avoided, but that’s no reason to ruin your whole vacation. We’ve had a few rough starts on our trips, but always kept going, and things got better.

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  5. Oh my gosh!!!! I can SO relate. Our recent travels included a near head on collision that was avoided only by the skill of numerous drivers who had to be defensive in the face of very horrible driver who put many lives at risk. Then a near semi collision. And that very night I had the same fears THINGS HAPPEN IN THREES. I’m so sorry for the horrible start. And I have kept travel lists, but this was the first time I did a travel journal, and I loved it. I hope your heart is feeling better.

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  6. What a way to start your trip! I would have felt horrible too but unfortunately these things happen and at least none of you were injured.

    I keep trip journals too and I love to refer back to them every once in a while. I’m always surprised by something that I had completely forgotten about. Good for you for enjoying your trip to its fullest and not feeling compelled to blog. I normally wait until I return from my trips before I write about them (my journals come in handy here too).

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  7. I’m sure the accident had a dampening effect, at least for a while. Good to hear that the tape stood up to the elements. I’ve had bad starts to trips, but we’ve soldiered on. Bad things happen, whether in ones or threes, they happen no matter where you are.

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  8. A start like that would just about ruin my trip. Glad you were able to recover. Also glad the animal died rather than have a severe injury. Death isn’t the worst thing to happen. Water is healing and it always beckons me from anything I should do.

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