Watching The Tide Roll Away


For those who don’t know, I can get a bit obsessed with walking shorelines in search of my favorite beach treasure, sea glass. I’ve set an alarm and been out long before the morning sun, and I’ve been out late in the evening, depending on tide schedules.

I’ll stroll the same beach as many times in a day as our schedule allows.

I’ll wear or use whatever Mother Nature requires, a raincoat, umbrella, rubber boots, earmuffs, and I’ve even needed a flashlight. I always pack these options.

This post’s title is a line from, “The Dock of the Bay.” My recent holiday’s theme song.

As soon as I got to the water’s edge this tune played over and over in my mind. Its melody, the salty sea air, and the lapping waves put me at peace and kept me company if I was alone.

In October, one of my brothers and sisters, and their spouses did a road trip to Vancouver Island, British Columbia with Mister and I. All of us had been to most of the places we visited, but never together as adults, and the others hadn’t been on the island in years.

Those interested in joining Mister and I were warned that I had an agenda for this trip. Being a coastline journey I was going for ocean-views every night or as often as possible, even if the cost per night was higher than normal rooms. Everyone was game.

I did the route planning, online research and reservations. The family refers to me as their personal travel agent and guide. The pay sucks, but it’s a hat I enjoy wearing as long as things go well. I lied, their smiles are pay enough.

Something I’ve learnt during previous travels is many coastline accommodations are private motels and hotels. Owning such prime real-estate means they remain successful and rarely sell out to the big new chains. We enjoy the uniqueness of these often older places, but I rely on reviews when checking their condition and upkeep.

Either I did a good job booking, or this group was easy to please, or they pretended to be, because I heard minimal complaining. Rooms were clean, had comfortable beds, and a few exceeded our expectations.

Out of fourteen nights away, 11 had water views.

They were steps from the ocean’s edge. Some rooms overlooked marinas, (my brother and I have a boat fetish) others had open coast lines, some with sandy shores, and some with rugged rocks.

For me, it’s hard to top waking up to these views.

Something odd happened though, I’ve never slept so much and done so little exploring on a trip. Typically, I’m a let’s go here, let’s do this kind of traveler. I have a hard time sitting and relaxing when I’m somewhere other than home.

We had a busy summer, so perhaps down-time was needed to recharge or maybe the cold I caught on day two and the medicine I took affected me. Whatever it was, wasting hours which I could have spent, even if just, enjoying the scenery unsettled me. Yet, I usually went to bed long before my normal time and slept later, often missing the sunrise.

The main goal for the trip was for the six of us to spend time together, and this we achieved. We joined each other for meals, and sometimes for beach walks. Of course no trip is complete for females without some clothes and other shopping. But, we weren’t the only ones who purchased items.

The group liked to snoop through local shops, which we did wherever we were. That resulted in a few found treasures, the biggest (literally) being the large wooden sail boat ornament my brother bought.

Since we all live in Alberta, having fresh seafood was a must on the list to do. By the time we got home some complained they were getting, chowdered-out, as we called it. Not me, fish was my main food source while we were gone, and I miss it. But, not as much as I miss walking the shores.

Do you prefer privately owned Motels or Hotels or large popular chains?

Are you an Explorer or Relaxer while on vacation?

The next two posts will have tips for those who may find themselves traveling on our same path.

41 thoughts on “Watching The Tide Roll Away

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  2. I am with you Kathy! The most interesting beaches are not the ones with just white sand (although I like those too!) Growing up in Seattle, all our beaches are rocky and full of critters and all kinds of stuff washing up from storms far out to sea. I love walking up and down the shore searching for whatever I can find-never been good about just lying around baking in the sun, redheads burn too easy anyway!
    I am glad you got some family time and a restful trip. How is quitting smoking going for you?
    Hope all is well!

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  3. Nice to meet another water girl! I was born and raised in San Diego and lived 20 minutes drive from any beach. I also swam competitively in high school and college then managed swimming pool and lifeguards for public recreation. Now I windsurf and SUP in the Sacramento River and lakes. How fun to collect sea glass! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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  4. I’ve heard of sea glass, but never actually seen it. I am obsessed with collecting shells, though, so I understand what you mean. As for vacationing, I would rather mostly relax with a little bit of exploring thrown in. My guess is that on this trip you needed to relax and enjoy your company, so that’s what you did!

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  5. Glad to hear you had a great time on your trip and enjoyed all the fresh seafood, Kathy. I also like to be busy when traveling. After this last trip, though, I was glad to get home so I could relax. I’m hoping to curb the busy tendency on our next adventure. Pushing ourselves to see everything we can in the time allotted feels too much like work. There’s no need to wear ourselves out.

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  6. How nice that you have such a good relationship with your siblings and their spouses. Getting together for holidays is much different from traveling together. It sounds like you had a great time. The fact that you didn’t explore as much as you would have liked is only more reason to return.

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