Never Too Much Color



As empty nesters, and even though we don’t get many family visitors with everyone busy this time of the year, we still decorate for Christmas.

Mister puts outside lights up at the beginning of December, which by the way look great. This year he added a nice touch of extras where we can enjoy them from inside.

I love to start my days in a room lit by colorful tree lights.

No radio, no TV, the only noise the rhythmic ticking clocks. Which can be a choir if all six analog have batteries, but three currently don’t. The fridge and deep freeze’s unique chatters and moans chime in once-in-awhile, and the furnace’s comforting hum comes on when it’s time to take out the chill. Unless I’m thinking about these sounds they fade into the background and aren’t unsettling.

Has anyone noticed that weather affects the sound a clock makes? There’s one in our kitchen that gets louder when it’s cold outside.

Anyway, back to tree lights. With hot coffee at my side (and 2 cookies, I know bad habit,) I read or write, glancing up occasionally hoping to catch a beautiful sunrise through the window behind the tree.

We no longer put up a real tree to decorate inside, like we did when the kids were young. Our tall, slim artificial one fits our smaller living space and is a showcase of treasured memories. Most ornaments are handmade or ones we’ve bought during travels.

I admire beautiful themed trees, or those done in one color, yet ours is the opposite. Red, green and silver are my favorite Christmas colors, but our tree shines and glitters with multi colors and a variety of ornaments. The main reason is simple. It makes me happy, because it reminds me of the trees we had growing up.

So there’s a glimpse at what little things bring my December mornings peace and pleasure.

I hope you have a way to start every day with joy, that you will have the Christmas season you hope for, and that 2018 is kind.

Do you do themed, one color, or multi-colored Christmas decorating?

Do you collect tree ornaments from travel spots?

19 thoughts on “Never Too Much Color

  1. I have done themed trees in the past – usually out of necessity. Our dog passed and now we can get out all the precious ornaments since he was nicknamed “the destroyer”. He was generally a good dog but took great exception to anything hanging on the tree – it had to be removed and destroyed. We had 2 themes that we alternated that were “dog proof” – ribbon tree hung with a variety of cloth bows, and the plastic icicle tree hung with lots of cheap and nearly indestructible icicles. Now my tree has all the ornaments from the kids (hand made usually in school), ones we received as gifts, some that have been passed down from parents and grandparents, and a few that were purchased a reminders of places we’ve traveled.

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  2. I can pick up my tree with one hand, fully decorated, and carry it to storage every year. It is a hodge podge of child made things, randomly received and purchased things. And has no rhyme or reason to it. But it’s perfect . 🙂 Just like this post.

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  3. We have scaled down considerably. The live tree era is long gone but we’ve also gone from a 7-1/2″ artificial to a 6′ to a 4-1/2′ (last year). We permanently decorated the tree and can cover it to store. It’s made decorating so much easier. Passages in life. Even the Christmas tree has passages.

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