People Say The Funniest Things


It’s not a big, beach inspired craft piece, and it doesn’t ooze restfulness or pop with vibrant colors. It’s no great work of art, but I did option two from, Art and a Glass House.

Funny things pictures have inspired people to say over the years caused me to pause before this college wall I finally got done in our bedroom.

On occasion, I too am guilty of blurting what pops to mind without realizing its silliness. It usually happens when I’m either comfortable with the company I’m in, or embarrassingly, when I’m nervous.

There are successful comedians whose routines reflect and feed off this action, so many of us must share the habit.

Innocent, spontaneous and uncensored comments can be far more real and entertaining as long as they’re not cruel.

I would never want family and friends to watch what they say or be correct in how they speak.

Our 8 x 10 enlarged wedding photo taken with a personal camera, has long since yellowed and has spurred comments like, “Wow that’s an old picture.” I’ve never said any following responses aloud, but I’ve thought them. Gee, could it be because it was framed over three decades ago? You would look old too if you’ve hung on the wall as long as it has.

I’ve been asked, “Is that you?” I certainly hope it’s me since the person is beside Mister and it’s our wedding picture.

“You look so young.” I hope I looked young in my twenties. Maybe they really mean, but are too polite to say, I look old now? Smiley face.

If you studied the wedding picture making your own judgments, you’re not seeing things, that is a stagecoach behind us. And no, that wasn’t the mode of transportation at the time. We were married in the saloon at Fort Edmonton historic park.

There are other photos in this collection that have received interesting remarks. One is a family shot when the kids were young. This I’ve actually heard more than once. “You had such a cute family.” Wait! What are they saying, we’re not cute anymore? Another smiley face.

Here’s one I’m sure everyone has heard. “Is that your family?” Wouldn’t you like to reply, “No,” once just to see their confusion. I could mess with them right now though with the picture frame I got for Christmas. Until I change it, it’s displaying a smiling store bought family.

Most times people don’t even realize they’ve said these things, and that’s part of what makes them funny.

It only took eight years, but every picture hanging on our walls which needed updating is done. I’m pleased, and the cottage feels homey.

Have you heard funny comments about a picture you have?

17 thoughts on “People Say The Funniest Things

  1. I’m glad you finally replaced the last two “stock” photos with ones that really have meaning for you! I still have several paintings and pictures waiting to be hung… Sparky (my husband) is loathe to put nails in the walls thus he procrastinates hanging pictures!!

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  2. I can totally relate, Kathy! I once had a friend spy an unframed picture in a pile of our old photos. She asked if it was a photo of “a sponsored child from a third world country”. The photo was of me (my first baby pic). True story!

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  3. The possible responses are endless, but I’d probably be too afraid I’d offend someone in my house. On the other hand, I recently hung a Trains calendar in my office. It was a gift from a friend and fellow train lover. January’s photo is a train crossing a bridge with some tall grass in the foreground.

    One of my coworkers looked at it and said: “what, do you like trains or something?”

    I looked at him and said: “No, that’s a prairie grass calendar.”

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  4. I have two stories for you. When I was young and working in my first job, I worked with an older woman. She was fun and fit and attractive. I would have pegged her around 50 (I was 20 at the time and 50 was pretty darn old!). One day she said she was retiring the next year at 65. My first comment (totally uncensored) was “Oh my God! I didn’t think you were THAT old!” Fortunately she also had a great sense of humor and somehow took it as a compliment! On another occasion (I was much older) I was going through a house to purchase. I saw a picture of a beautiful young family. The owner was an older woman so I assumed it was her children. I found out it was the picture that come with the frame. She thought it looked so nice she never put her own family in the frame!

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