Party Pooper


Yes, Mister and I acknowledge the day with the traditional greeting, and some years we’ve done the gift exchange, or a special date night.

Valentine’s day. A day to show that person in your life how much you love them. The concept is so sweet.

But, shouldn’t we be loving and kind to that person every day? Then they would know how much they mean to us. Isn’t an anniversary when we celebrate the union of our love?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Valentine’s Day or those who cherish and celebrate it, I’m just sharing some thoughts.

Restaurants, stores and florists would lose a bundle without Valentine’s Day. It’s said to be one of the top occasions when couples splurge.

Have you noticed, the newer the relationship the more emphasis that’s put on this day?

Some think it’s because the spark fades the longer a couple is together. That romance dwindles. I don’t see it that way. I see partners comfortable with their love. Two people no longer needing continuous reassurances. They’ve learned money doesn’t buy or strengthen the bond. They aren’t caught up in, if I spend more, it means I love more.

I guess I’m a party pooper because all the hoopla of Valentine’s Day just isn’t my thing. An old fuddy-duddy. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s someone wise enough not to fall for things or be swayed by what others think. Smiley Face. This, of course, is my version of the definition.

Dinners out that night are too much hassle for us, places are crowded, or need reservations. We go for a meal but not on the fourteenth. As for buying each other gifts why would Mister and I do that on Valentine’s day? We rarely do for our birthdays or for each other at Christmas. Neither of us needs much anymore. If we do, we prefer picking out our own, and besides we always shop together so there goes that spoils the surprise part of gift giving.

For over 35 years, February 14 has a different importance for Mister and I. It’s our daughter’s birthday. If you’re expecting this to continue into a touching tribute or loving birthday wish, sorry to disappoint. That will be shared, in a family get together not here. If I write something special for one person, I would need to do it for them all, making my posts repetitive and possibly boring reads.

If you are anticipating Valentine’s Day,

my wish is that it’s as special as you hoped and planned for.

Do me a favor though, don’t forget to show your love more than just on Valentine’s Day, and remember it doesn’t take expensive gifts to accomplish the gesture.

14 thoughts on “Party Pooper

  1. I completely get where you are coming form with this. That has been our sentiment for many, many years. But recently, with the kids leaving home, we have decided to make more of an effort to do things differently than we had been doing for the last two decades. This Valentines we went out to dinner in a new restaurant, and yes I sat in traffic to accomplish that. We then went to see Mamma Mia at the 5th avenue theater here in Seattle. It was a nice change of pace to us going rock climbing and me making dinner-which is our normal Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, we love doing that too, but it was special to make more of an effort for a change.

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  2. THere was a time when I would have so hoped for something special this day….. but now, my special IS every day. So we often let this pass without much of a glance. I’m not against it, it just doesn’t hold a meaning for me. Love does. 🙂

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  3. Nice post! Valentines: the little thing that makes everyday special…a cup of tea when unexpected, a hot-water bottle on a cold car seat, a bar of chocolate if you are feeling tired or low, a wave goodbye and a hug and smile when you return home…not a one off, one day materialistic consumerised possession!

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  4. Our tradition is Taco Bell for Valentine’s Day… it is kind of a joke. We don’t give each other gifts or expect any special hoopla. We are contented and comfortable in the love and trust we have for and in each other. We did go out for dinner tonight but that was for “Fat Tuesday” as tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (a day of fasting and abstinence).

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