The Wheel and Lost With A GPS


I hate when reality proves there isn’t enough hours in a day or days in a week. When life is like being on a hamster wheel. With me running and running, and no matter the pace I get nowhere.

At least I’m still on my feet and life hasn’t thrown me out onto my butt. Smiley Face.

For anyone feeling like they’re in a wheel, let’s take a deep breath, put our heads down and focus. When it slows, we can jump off and take time to smell the roses.

How do I get so far behind so fast?

Are you, in the wheel or out smelling roses?

If you noticed I didn’t post last week it was because that darn wheel wasn’t laptop friendly. Besides, I was busy self-discovering.

Mister did a lot of traveling during his working years so him and I being separated was common back then. Since his retirement it rarely happens. The days we spent apart last week were eye opening. Who knew we would miss each other that much.

My biggest surprise was learning I’m human (or maybe aging). I’m not ashamed to share this next tidbit because maybe it will put someone else it’s happened to at ease.

Stress and sleep depuration can and probably will affect your concentration and coping skills more so as we age.

Did you know even an experienced traveler can get lost while using a GPS? It happened when I didn’t realize the wrong destination on the touch screen got programmed.

My road-trip home was going good, the first pee break was in the city I knew it should be in. After that was when things went south. Actually, I needed to drive south but under the cloudy sunless sky I didn’t realize I was heading east. Sure, I had moments of, this road seems different, but I chalked it up to Mister is usually driving while I’m distracted by reading or napping. When I passed a town I knew I shouldn’t was when all faith in the GPS left and I felt lost. That rattled my tired self which only frustrated me more. So, on the side of the unfamiliar highway with my data-less phone I made a few calls. Do you believe with everyone carrying cell phones it took five tries to reach someone who could confirm that I would eventually get home? The three hour trip turned into five because of my detour.

Thanks goes to the daughter-in-law who answered and the son who she put on the phone for the out of the blue call for a Google search.

Do you put your trust in a GPS when traveling?

The daughter-in-law informed me that it’s also very hard to get a good, clear picture of a hamster in a wheel for this post. Thanks for trying.

17 thoughts on “The Wheel and Lost With A GPS

  1. Personally, I tend to use GPS as a general idea of where I need to go. But it does malfunction, so no, I don’t trust it absolutely. I also use regular maps and keep a sharp eye out for street signs. And one of my (very) few talents is always knowing what direction I’m heading toward, so that helps too.

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  2. I am laughing as I read your post. I thought I was the only one who could still get lost with a GPS. Trust me, I feel your pain! Been there, done that, far too often!
    I think that is very sweet that you and your hubby missed each other. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, they say! 🙂
    I hope your hamster takes a break from running on the wheel and can Relax 🙂

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  3. Our GPS is sometimes a little deranged. She likes to take us the long way around. I think my husband delights in making her say “Recalculating, recalculating…” Of course we’ve been there when we thought we were headed in the right direction only to discover that a fat finger had set the destination to Parker, TX instead of Parker, IN…. Figured it out pretty quickly when we were being routed to a major highway headed South instead of North!!

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    • Mister, does the same, sometimes going off course just to hear, “Recalculating.” 🙂 Drives me nuts. I always ask him why he uses it if he’s not going to follow the directions.
      Yes, ours has led us a stray many times. So I should have known to watch for my turn off.
      That’s the worse when a person forgets to check the state or sometimes the city before choosing.


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