Extra Cash From Old Coins

A version of stretching your pennies.

Remember when rolling coins to take some extra time and check their year, especially if you find a older stash.

We did this a few years ago with silver coins and made out pretty good.

I just sorted a couple more cans that have been sitting around for years. Putting all the pennies together not thinking much about them, but I just did some research and looks like I’ll have a project for a rainy day.

Here’s a quick guideline but there is lots more valuable information online.

Canadian Silver Coins

1870 – 1919 are 92.5% silver

1920 – 1967 are 80% silver

1967 & 1968 are 50% silver

U.S. Silver Coins

1964 or earlier (dimes, quarters, half and full dollar) are 90% silver some nickels are 35% silver

This is Interesting

Pennies before 1982 are 95% copper, so they are worth more for melt down.

Have you ever taken time to study and sort coins?

Old bills are pretty interesting too.

11 thoughts on “Extra Cash From Old Coins

  1. I have quite a bit of old coins and paper bills, domestic and foreign, and old sterling silver… all inherited from my parents’. Sorting it all – then figuring out how to off-load it – is a job I know I need to do one day… but I keep putting it off. There must be a lot of us Boomers in the same situation. What did you do with yours once sorted?

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  2. My father was a collector – he would have a fit if anyone considered melting down coins or putting holes in them or bending or stretching them (those souvenir machines to flatten pennies). He always said they were more valuable to a collector than the amount you’d get for melting them!

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