Fresh Growth

Look who decided to grow fresh sprouts. This Rose bush is now towering over these lilies, which it has never done before.

Maybe, I gave it a complex in the past post when I stated how it takes a back seat to the Tiger Lilies when they are in bloom.

The only thing different I’ve done is more than usual dead-heading and pruning. Whatever the reason, I’m pleased. I can’t wait for all the new buds to open.

The colour of, The Sons, car seemed a perfect contrasting background to show off the new growth.

Are your flowers doing better or worse than usual this season?

12 thoughts on “Fresh Growth

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    • Oh dear, your growing season this year certainly sounds worse. With all our rain this year, some things here grew like crazy, like hospices, and decorative sea grasses for a couple. In saying that, our Lilic bush grew more than usual, at least a foot, has tons of leaves, but had maybe five blossoms and it’s usually packed. Most plants are a few weeks later blooming. ☹️


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