Feeling Guilty

After sharing the posts, “Roses Take a Back Seat, and Fresh Growth,” I feel it only fair to show my starkest flowerbed. Taking this picture made me realize even calling it a flowerbed is an exaggeration.

Out of nine planted beds, this one in our back yard is a struggle, a work in progress, an embarrassment. This is a current picture (not this spring), and I have fertilized twice this season.

Over-the years I’ve planted many different things here and just can’t find anything that will thrive or often survive the winter. It use to be mainly in the shade because of a large tree outside our yard, but that was taken down last fall. Now, the bed gets morning and early afternoon sun. Maybe, I will have to switch varieties. I prefer flowers that come back ever year (perennials), but I have also tried annuals here.

The bush seems to have thousands of surface roots, so the ground hasn’t been worked up good for years, which I’m beginning to think is the main issue.

It could also be the resident bunny who usually hides out under the bush, but didn’t show up on picture day. Many of the flowers I’ve tried seem to end up as bunny snacks.

Do you have a planted area that grows better or worse than another?

What is your favourite hardy flowering plant?

12 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty

  1. My back garden has two huge Norway maples on the west side, so shade after 12 noon. The real problem, though, is their roots. The feeding roots are quite shallow and suck up nutrients and water, leaving little for the perennials planted nearby. Add our dry (and getting warmer) summers, and it’s hard to find anything that prospers here. I rely on a selection of tough plants, and grow others (delphiniums, and hostas, for example) in pots. On the other hand, this summer hasn’t been as hot as the past couple, and we’ve had a bit more rain. I still have to water every 2 weeks, however. FYI, I’m in Victoria, BC.

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    • After comments I’ve received, I really think it’s a root and nutrition issue similar to what you are having. I’m going to look for a hostas, hoping to find one different then I already have.
      When you mentioned “pots” that got me thinking that’s what I should try in this bed. Big pots, maybe a couple sizes, fill them with my colour.
      Thanks for popping by and commenting. 😊


  2. For me, at our old house, it was the spot right next to the mail box; try as I might, I could never get anything to grow there…. Even roses. My other beds, though, always did well.

    Have you looked into native flowers? If you get true natives, they’ll usually grow about anywhere.

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