Chatting and Laughing, The Start

What better way to spend a few hours than chatting and laughing. Creating something while doing it is a bonus.

If you enjoy crafting, or want to give some simple things a try, I’ll be covering some interesting projects in my reoccurring “Chatting and Laughing” posts.

With this being the first of a series here’s a little as to what it’s about.

Some “Gleniffer Lake ladies” will again be gathering a couple afternoons a month to craft. We started this last winter, and with its popularity have decided to do it again this year.

There is a large rec. building here which one part is a lakeside restaurant during the summer. It’s where we hold group activities in the off season, including most of the crafting get togethers.

The enthusiastic group is up for trying pretty much any craft so it’s a different one each time. Although, we do prefer when a finished project can go home that same day.

I’m usually the one snooping for ideas, mainly because I’m on “Pinterest” at least once a day anyway.

Some crafts, myself or others have done before, but most of them we just wing it.

If the craft requires supplies some of us have on hand, then we do a crafting potluck. If it needs things better priced in bulk, we chip in to cover the cost. This way, we all can try something new without it being as expensive as if done individually.

Our first project was “Decoupage”.

A craft thats been around so long a person forgets all the neat ways you can decorate items. A “Pinterest” search brings up tons of fun ideas for all ages.

One of the other ladies organized this craft, but I helped out because I’ve done the process before.

In the past, I used “Modge Podge” which is a reliable product that now comes in many finishes. This day though, the organizer mixed up a discovered recipe from “Pinterest” of white glue and water. It was a great option that worked fine, and is an inexpensive alternative.

A popular item choice to decorate was glass vases and recycled bottles, but Decoupage can also be done on, plastic, wood or metal, so pretty much anything.

Decoupage Steps

#1 – Cut out a picture or shapes from a magazine, a print out, wrapping paper, tissue paper, fabric, or even paper napkins.

#2 – You can give the area you’ll be applying your cut out on a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol if it’s dirty or has lots of finger prints. It will dry in seconds.

#3 – Paint a layer of Modge Podge, or the homemade mixture of white glue and water, on your item where you will be placing the cut out.

#4 – Then paint the mixture on the back (wrong) side of cut out.

#5 – Place the cut out on your project piece, and smooth out wrinkles if any, (careful, cut out may slide out of place, and too much pressure may tear paper ones).

#6 – Top the cut out with another coat of mixture and let dry.

Tips we Learned

• Soft bristle or foam brushes work well. None of us tried a roller.

• If cutting finicky pictures or shapes out of napkins or tissue paper the fine edges make working with the paper tricky once it is wet. So a smooth edge, say around a flower or tree can be easier then cutting an intricate design out in fine detail.

• If you want a high gloss or more waterproof finish, Modge Podge is probably a better choice than the glue mixture.

• Be sure to paint mixture right to the edges on your cut out.

• Painting on the mixture needs to be done fairly quick, before it starts to dry, so don’t choose to work with too small of a brush.

• It is also a very forgiving craft because water easily cleans up any excess glue, as long as caught before it dries.

Do you like to craft?

Have you ever tried Decoupage?

Do you have a favourite craft, or a suggestion for this group to try?


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