Which Do You Dread


This only shows 6 of the 20 blinds

Options filtered through my mind as I did my pre-Christmas cleaning. Which in itself is a bit odd, because we won’t even be home. So maybe it was late fall, early spring, or more like catch up from being away so much cleaning.

Anyway, I actually enjoy cleaning but there are chores I dread and thought it would be fun to hear what chores others dread.

Name a chore or two you dread but grudgingly do often. Here’s a few of mine.

  • Window washing (Okay, often is stretching it here, I do the outsides 2 maybe 3 times a year, insides is less, but that’s because I dread it.)
  • Washing floors. (Not sure why I don’t enjoy this, and it’s really too bad it needs to be done so often.)
  • Dusting or washing horizontal blinds. (I have a good reason for this one. We have 20 windows, most are big, and all of them have horizontal blinds.)
  • Scrubbing the shower and tub. (The older I get the more I hate this chore. It has become easier since I started using a half and half mixture of vinegar and water with a little blue Dawn dish soap as a cleaner though.) This chore also makes me smile too, because of a comment one of my nephews made years ago. It was shortly after he moved out on his own. He was shocked when my sister told him he had to clean the tub and shower. His reasoning was, it gets washed whenever I shower.

Oh and if this was summertime instead of winter, cleaning tree fluff of the window screens is way up there on my dreaded list, and weeding flowerbeds.

Is there a chore you do regularly that you wonder why or how does this get dirty so fast.

– Cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures.

– Cleaning the mysterious crumbs and such out of Silverware and utensil drawers. (Actually pretty much every drawer. How does stuff get in closed drawers.)

– Scrubbing kitchen sinks, including drain area and stoppers.

– Washing door and drawer fronts and handles.

 If you have a choice, do you prefer to cook, or do the cleanup?

 My hands down answer is do the cleanup.

20 thoughts on “Which Do You Dread

  1. My dreaded chore is dusting. I’d rather do anything but dust! I think it is related to my allergies but dusting makes me feel poorly.
    The chore that makes me scratch my head as to how it gets so dirty would be the refrigerator – inside and out. Although I know the answer – my husband. He never wipes his hands before opening the door and so when he makes salads or his breakfast he leaves smudges and smears of everything from spinach juice to peanut butter. As for the interior, well I suspect he munches while standing with the doors open! How else can bread crumbs end up in the vegetable and fruit bins??!!
    I’d much rather cook than clean up but I do both because I’m fussy and when Sparky cleans up I have to clean up after his cleaning up!

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  2. If you have hot water baseboard heat, every now and then you have to clean the dust (and whatever the cats put in) from in between the copper fins. I actually made a tool that fits in between the fins and over the pipe, but it’s still a miserable task.

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  3. Blinds! I washed them all this summer and was amazed at how filthy they were. They didn’t look it but if you felt them, they weren’t smooth. It was so back that I replaced 6 of them for solar shades which I love. For the bedrooms though, the blinds give more privacy so they’ll stay. I assigned some chores to my husband and that has made life easier. He does the vacuuming including the stair carpet (which I always hated) and the showers. It doesn’t sound like much but it has an impact on me.

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