Rocking A Hospital Gown

What would make five adults get up at 3:00am, shovel snow to and off two vehicles, then drive an hour into the nearest city in winter blizzard conditions?

This little guys booked early morning surgery.

For those who knew this was where I’ve been this week, I’d like to send out a quick update.

Children’s resilience is amazing. Monkey, (our newest grandson) was a trooper for his recent day and a half hospital stay.

His kidney repair surgery went great, and even though he came home with some temporary body jewelry and a tube, he is back smiling and playing.

We are grateful for amazing medical knowledge, doctors, and all hospital staff who help people with life changing care and procedures.

If love alone can heal then this little guy has absolutely no worries.

33 thoughts on “Rocking A Hospital Gown

  1. It just dawned on me when I read your comment on my post that I had not seen anything from you in a LONG time. SO I come here and discover I have been unsubscribed (WP squirrels). I am so sorry. And I hope for a speedy recovery.

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  2. So glad he came through with such ease. Medicine has come a long way in my lifetime – what would have been fatal is now easily corrected. It is a wonder not to be discounted! Monkey is sure evidence!! Hope his smile never fades!!

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