Are You A Curious Person?


When mild curiosity strikes do you search for answers right away?

Have you ever noticed these long tags and little tabs on some big transit trailer rims?

I have numerous times, and I’ve always wondered what was their purpose. Then by the time I’d get home I would forget to do some research. But, I finally remembered to question our son who’s in the transit industry.

The long tags have a couple purposes. They are not a mandatory item, but they’re a safety feature usually used by trucking companies that haul to and from large yards. When the trailers are slowly maneuvering, or backing in and out of spots, others driving or walking in the yard can see the tab movement and can stay clear and safe.

For drivers pulling these units for their runs seeing the spinning tabs in their side mirrors indicates no problems like locked trailer brakes.

The yellow tabs under some tire lug nuts are another non-mandatory safety feature. They are, loose nut indicators. When the lug nuts on a tire are tightened the points are aligned to make a circle. If during a tire check a point has slipped out of position the driver knows it needs to be re-torqued.

Are you a curious type person when it comes to the “how” and “why” of things?

Google has made finding answers pretty easy these days. Although, If I can, like for above, I still prefer answers from experienced people.

20 thoughts on “Are You A Curious Person?

  1. Good to know. I never noticed the tabs before. I have seen drivers walk around their rig at truck stops, though. I guess they’re checking out the tabs and anything else that could mean trouble ahead.

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  2. I never knew this but it all makes perfect sense. I am curious by nature. I had a poster in my office for years with a quote by Albert Einstein “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”

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  3. Yes, I am curious to a fault possibly. 💖 My brain never stops wondering and wandering. I didn’t notice that about the trucks. Cool! I would prefer to get my knowledge from a person who has experienced life, rather than from the Internet. I love the internet as well though. Jessica

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