This Is A First


5:28 am. I’ve said many times I’m a morning person, so seeing these clock numbers is not unheard of, but being up at this hour for today’s reason is a definite first for me.

Mister is stirring in the bedroom and is about to join me which is even more unusual.

We’re not up because we’re sick, headed to a doctor, going on a trip, picking someone up at a airport, nothing like that.

We’re taking Covid-19 serious, but this I actually found funny. Well, I don’t think I chuckled the instant I threw the warm cozy blanket off and rolled out of bed.

It’s Wednesday, March 18, a coffee sits beside me as I start this post which I will finish later.

What are we up to?  We’re headed for groceries.

A store in a nearby Town is opening at 7:00am, a hour early for seniors and vulnerable people to shop during the Covid-19 social distancing. 

We live about a half hour drive from this town, and I shouldn’t be in public without at least one cup of coffee so that’s why I’m up long before the sun today.

We appreciate the store doing this, and hopefully we find the pork chops and few other things on our list.

The store wasn’t as crowded as we were expecting which was nice.

Experts say don’t touch your face, eyes or mouth when out in public, so of course standing in line I got something in my eye. Not wanting to use my finger and thinking I’m smart I took off my glasses and used the arm tip to rub my eye. Than I was like, wait, when was the last time I cleaned that part of my glasses. Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and tried to clear my vision by blinking alone.

I won’t bore you with details, but we came home with everything on our list. We should be set to hunker in for awhile once again.

With all coffee and crafting get-togethers here canceled for now it’s a good time to dig out some tucked away projects. Maybe after a nap though.

Have you been having trouble finding or getting out for supplies?

What are you doing to ward off boredom?

36 thoughts on “This Is A First

  1. Kathy I’m glad you are being careful and putting safety high on your list of priorities. I haven’t had a moment of boredome. I’ve been working from home and enjoying it very much, being around my family and in contact with my students brightens my day!

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  2. We’ll be setting the alarm tomorrow morning to be at Walmart at….6 (SIX!) a.m. They’re offering ‘senior hour’ an hour before they open to the rest of the world. (So, as my friend says: “just what do you wear to senior hour??!). I’m hoping against hope to pick up another bottle of hand sanitizer (found an unopened one in my closet last week and thought I’d hit pay dirt). And sanitizing wipes. We aren’t out yet, but would feel comfortable with at least one spare.
    Take care!

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  3. The days stretch out wide when there’s nothing in the future to look forward to and that’s why the little things like going to the grocery store seems like a big outing to me now! I’m glad your store has early hours. Some of the chains in our area have started opening for vulnerable people too.
    We’ll get through this!

    I’m working on some funny posts to keep everyone grinning.

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  4. The stores in our area are doing that too, which is a good thing. I haven’t had trouble getting necessary supplies, as our store only ran out of toilet paper this week. I do still go to the shelter to take care of the dogs, because they need me to, but otherwise don’t do much outside of my home these days!

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  5. Hi, Kathy – Our local grocery store, as well as our local pharmacy, are reserving the hours of 7 am – 9 am for seniors (and those needing extra time) to shop. It is one of the MANY kindnesses that I am seeing all around me. As frightening and destructive as this virus is, it has not been able to destroy community spirit and ingenuity! Stay safe.

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  6. I walk when weather permits (rain today), I use the elliptical if the weathers bad. I quilt, blog, puzzles, books. I also started making cookies and other goodies for my husband to take to the hospitals, surgery centers and clinics he works at. He is Dr. and I am a former ER nurse. I know how much a surprise snack meant when I was so very busy working in the hospital. ER staff rarely get a break and often work through lunch. This makes me feel like I’m doing something to help and is a way of giving back for all those times people brought snacks in to me when I was working!!! Plus it keeps me busy!!!

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  7. In the midst of all this, our power was out today for maintenance. I had to be up early so I could be washed and dressed before 8 (and anything else that requires electricity like blogging, breakfast, etc.). Locally some stores are also doing this. It’s wonderful but it’s yet another day to get up super early. Argh!

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