Have You Gotten Reacquainted


I have started a new social distancing activity called reacquainting myself with stuff.

I won’t refer to the digging in and going through nooks and crannies as cleaning out, because I rarely throw anything away.

It’s more like taking inventory.

For instance, I have 4 of my previous wallets stashed in a box. Two of them have been in the box for over ten years, one was put in there because it was my all time favourite but is falling apart. The forth one is my traveling wallet and is occasionally used.

Does anyone else save old wallets after buying a replacement?

Worse than that is my collection of glasses cases, drugstore sunglasses, and readers, that I can’t even wear now because of my prescription. Not all of them are in this box. I have no explanation for this, but as long as there’s room in this box things are safe. Once it’s full I will not start another one. That’s when something will have to go.

The box that is getting scary is the one housing out dated phones, cameras, chargers and cords. It’s getting full, but it’s not on my to conquer list yet.

My memory is still pretty good as to what we have and don’t, but I don’t always remember right away where something is stashed. Which can lead to a little frustrated search. So, I’m enjoying this rediscovering.

I’ll admit I had a brief moment of, I should make an alphabetical list of where stuff is. I guess I’m not bored yet, because that didn’t happen.

Have you gotten reacquainted with stored things yet?

Hopefully you and yours are staying healthy, and you are finding ways to fill your social isolation days.

17 thoughts on “Have You Gotten Reacquainted

  1. My husband did some cleaning in the garage today, and came across an old Christmas decoration that belonged to his parents: a plastic santa in a sleigh with two reindeer. He cleaned it up and brought it inside and plugged it in, and promptly blew a circuit and shorted out the plug on the santa! So now we know that it is a decoration that we won’t light up….

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    • I try to be organized, result of living in a smaller home. Oh crawl spaces, 😳 don’t remind me. 😊 We have to go through ours yet. We still have all our RV stuff down there from when our 5th wheel got written off from a hail storm. We saved it incase we got another one, but have decided not to, so that stuff needs to go.


  2. Starting about 5 years ago, I went on a rampage to get rid of stuff. If I haven’t used it in two years (my arbitrary time frame) out it goes. I just bought new glasses and thew out everything but the last old pair as a back up. I also toss out eyeglass cases because I don’t need them. I’ve had to work hard because I used to be more like you but not now. I have about 4 purses. When a new one comes in (which is rare) an old one goes out. I just did another clothing cleanout. My walk-in closet is now half empty. We are paring down for a move hopefully in the near future but also because I remember the chore it was cleaning out my mother’s home when she died. It’s was painful and she kept a lot of stuff. The only thing I haven’t pared down was my cats. When I lost Hazel a year ago, I thought that would be the start of cat downsizing but then a cat needed a home. Cats are my “wallets.” Everyone has something.

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    • I admire people like you that can stick to a plan. We did a downsize when we moved here, and I do try to do the when a new item is bought an old has to go. I’m pretty good at this when it comes to cloths. I do try to keep in mind the cleaning out our stuff if something unfortunate happens. Yes, I can tell cats are an important exception for you. 😊

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  3. I’m pretty acquainted with all my stuff. I do not save old wallets but old purses are another thing. I pulled out one to use because it was black. I transferred everything and then discovered the strap was about to break. I carried it for a couple of days and it is now in the Goodwill box in the garage… As soon as that donation box is full it will be going away. I have a couple of old pairs of glasses (prescription) that I’m keeping in case I want to put new lenses into the frames…

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