Which Group Are You?


When something goes wrong our instinct as parents and grandparents is to gather our family, stay close, protect and support each other. Right now the opposite has to be done if younger family members are unable to completely isolate because of their jobs.

This isn’t a, woe is me, post, but it does suck to be in that higher risk and more vulnerable age group. I’m certain everyone of you who is feels the same.

“Thank Goodness to today’s technology.” Who else agrees that without it this isolation would be so much more difficult?

Using devises and Internet we can not only hear our family and friends voices, we can see their faces, or easily share pictures and videos. We only have to physically isolate, so to keep our sanity any kind of call interactions are greatly appreciated.

Video chats is now how we visit Monkey (our newest grandson) who seems to grow and learn new things each day. It’s depressing not being able to share these in person, but we hope not doing it now means a better chance of doing it for years to come.

We get virtual tours of projects and changes at the son and daughter-in-law’s place and lots of video visits while we watch Monkey play.

Our daughter also keeps us up-to-date daily with life in the country for her and her husband. She sent pictures of their house renovations, which they luckily had supplies on hand for. We get to see what her fur baby is up to, and she’s keeping us posted on spring progress with her horse.

The effort each and every individual puts into social distancing will make a huge difference.

Remember, just because you can’t see social distancing results in the moment it could literally be life altering.

Mister and I are starting our 4th week physically separated from family and friends. Boredom or running out of projects isn’t an issue yet. Like many of you, I would be lying if I said at times it doesn’t sadden and frustrate us, but there really seems to be no other option.

This situation has increased our desire to move closer to the kids. We had just listed our place for sale before this virus took over. Now, I doubt the chance to sell and relocate will happen anytime soon.

My prayers go out to all during these terrible times. Especially, those whose job takes them out in the public.

Lets keep these people healthy by isolating ourselves if we have symptoms or have been around someone with symptoms.

Lets stay home unless it’s a necessity.

Lets learn what is a necessity.

Lets learn to be happy in our homes. I hear it’s a great time to move furniture around.

Stay Positive.

Be Kind and Considerate to others.

Be Diligent with hygiene, social distancing or self isolation.

I Hope You have someone or something that Can still make you Smile.

What is something you can’t wait to do once this virus subsides?

For me it’s, be in the same room as family and friends. I should clarify that, family and friends other than Mister, because he is certainly both of those.

Probably, do one of our Chinese food get togethers with the kids. I’m craving something not home cooked.

Hold and play with Monkey of course.

Pet and wrestle the grand puppy. Spend time in the barn with the daughter and her horse. Technology hasn’t been able to bring me the smell of horse, leather and hay.

Be able to clear my throat without causing public panic, and be able to touch my nose, eyes or face in a store lineup without fearing illness.

Have you learned any new ways of communicating or staying connected with family and friends while social distancing?

I hope you and yours can remain Safe and Healthy. 

12 thoughts on “Which Group Are You?

  1. I sure love that Chinese food get together idea. Sure, I miss people but at the risk of sounding rude I’ll say I can’t wait to go to a hair appointment. Those two hours (ish) were all my own, plus my hairdresser’s a riot.

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  2. Just days before the lockdown we saw a house for sale (from the outside) that would interest us. Size and location were right and it wasn’t ugly outside. Before we got to move on it, real estate shut down here. Although we can connect with the realtor by text we are in a quandary. We have to sell our home which is bigger and in a higher price bracket. Will there be anyone to buy it? So many lost financially in many different ways. Even if they were able to keep their jobs, their security in savings may be different and they may be as scared as we are to make a move.

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  3. I hear you on the craving non-home cooked food. We used to do a once a week “date” night and eat out. Now that is not an option. I’m doing fine at keeping busy, clean personally and the house, and trying to walk at least once a day. I do miss my friends something terribly. Trying to stay positive and we are “flattening the curve” as hard as can be!

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    • I can relate, we use to eat out at least once a week. It doesn’t help that I hate cooking. 😊 We aren’t suffering food wise though, just not enjoying it. Yes, the house is getting a good spring cleaning this year. Our weather hasn’t been the best so when it improves we’ll do some street to porch visits with friends. Here’s hoping this doesn’t last too much longer.


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