One Thing At A Time


A Family Float taken years ago

I’ve been a bit quiet blogging lately so here’s an update as to why. When this isolation started I thought I was going to continue writing posts from my already outlined file. Yet, when I read a draft its level of importance in life has changed. For most, it just doesn’t feel like the right time to post them. They’re not deleted their day may come.

I’m sure I’m not alone feeling that with each added week of isolation I’m becoming more unsettled. Motivation has become my biggest obstacle. My attitude sways towards, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” it’s not like there’s anything else happening. I’ve lost the scheduled routine of what needed to be done every week.

Don’t get me wrong, part of this slowed down lifestyle I think we needed and I hope to continue practicing it.

I use to always tell myself, “I’ll sleep or relax when I’m dead”. My new motto might just be, “Every minute of every day shouldn’t be scheduled unless time to relax is included.”

Or, maybe my motivation issue is because most of the enjoyable stuff is done on my to-do-list.

I have been ticking things off which feels great, but I also hope this isolation ends before I have to do some of the remaining boring items. My temporary remedy is the other day I added about 10 new things to the list for more choices.

I should probably be ashamed to mention these, but I’m actually proud of myself for getting them done.

Our son is married and has a young son, and I recently got all of my old stashed notes recorded in his baby book.

Another impressive feat was completing the “Grandmother” book our older set of grandchildren gave me in 2003. This one has 64 pages of questions to be filled out regarding my childhood right up to views for the future, and then it’s to be given back to them. It’s now sitting here waiting for us to be able to deliver it.

I have material from 2006 to make a quilt which has finally made it to the cutting table, but we’ll see how far I get with that.

Our snow has finally melted and spring has arrived, so outside work takes priority. It also means I can start some woodworking.

Have you gotten anything done that’s been on your list for a long time?

Do you have something on your to-do-list you’re not looking forward to tackling?

My main one is, resealing our paved driveway which I’m guessing is around 1000 square feet. The worst part is we know this chore has to get done.

All in all, things with Mister and I are as good as can be expected. Life hasn’t stopped throwing us a few curve balls, but I’m sure that’s happening to everyone. 

(knock on wood) We’re still virus free, and as far as we know family and friends also are, so this is great.

It looks like summer is going to be nothing like what we had planned which sucks big time, but that’s out of our control.

Stay healthy and sane everyone. (smiley face)

14 thoughts on “One Thing At A Time

  1. Sometimes you have to go with the flow – much like your family float photo. I t4each 8th grade and have been teachign remotely since mid-March when our schools closed. Teaching 8th grade science is a winding road full of bumps and twists and turns – even when we are in the classroom. So, it’s good to slow down, that’ll be my take away when we go back to a version of the way it was. Keep blogging and do what makes sense. Peace.

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  2. I really love your honesty Kathy, it is refreshing! This is a whole new level of challenge for many people! And I think your new motto has a lot going for it!! “Every minute of every day shouldn’t be scheduled unless time to relax is included.”
    How about trying out an “A” and a “B” list, where you must achieve one item from the “B” list (not so well favoured tasks) for every 3 or 4 items on the preferred “A” list. Keep going, and any schedule or no schedule is perfectly ok on any given day!

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  3. I’ve stuck to my schedule but the chore list is getting smaller and smaller. I’m washing the inside windows this week (not my favorite task). That only leaves a few things on the list – paint the bedroom ceiling, clean out the window wells, plant the vegetable garden, and wash the dining room chandelier (which is a real pain). Once those are completed my list is done… There are some other things but they need to be done by professionals – repave the driveway, paint the house, and install a new front door and garage door. But those will have to wait until this lock down is done. Glad you are staying well and being productive.

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  4. I’ve had trouble focusing and concentrating, even to read a book. I’m not watching news so I’m not sure how to get over this. Our life hasn’t been severely affected except for the people part so we are one of the lucky ones.

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  5. I’m so glad to hear you and yours are okay. We are too, so far. I went through a funky time myself when this thing started, had trouble concentrating and couldn’t pull myself away from the news that seemed to change on an hourly basis at first. Then I took a day off from the media circus and resisted the urge to check my news apps or listen to the briefings. My attitude change from that day. I only check the updates once a day and then for only a few minutes. I too list out my tasks for the day, always with more than what I can accomplish. Walking around the house or inside the house for ten minutes here and there also has helped. I have to believe we will get through this and dream of the day when I can hug my family and we can spend time together. Wishing you productive days and happy dreams.

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    • I agree, limited news time has definitely helped. Glad to hear your healthy there too. Yes, we miss those family get togethers and hugs and spending time with our newest grandson who we are very close with. He’s 15 months now and changes everyday which is hard to be missing out on in person. Thank goodness there’s video chats. Best wishes your way also.

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