What About After?


Does anyone else have these thoughts?

Are you ever going to be able to relax while in a crowd, or even just shopping or dinning out again?

Knowing this virus is still out there, how fast it can spread, or that this could happen again with a different virus, just how much paranoia is healthy?

Will flights, cruises or even mass gatherings have any appeal to you?

I’m hoping Mister and I can find a comfortable middle ground. I do think it’s going to take some time though.

Air travel won’t be in our near future, but to be fair, Mister has never enjoyed airports. We were checking out cruises when this all started, but they aren’t high on our priority list anymore either.

Respecting a strangers personal space anywhere we are will be our new habit.

Not to the point of if I’m in an elevator and a crowd enters I’ll flip out, at least I hope I won’t, but my eyes may widen if someone in there starts coughing or sneezing.

Will this isolation experience forever change your habits?

We’re still hanging in here, hope you are too.

32 thoughts on “What About After?

  1. I’m more home-centered anyway so this has been a nice reprieve of not having to say no to going out with people when I didn’t feel up to it. But yes, it will change how I view going out for a long time in the future I think. I’ll be much more wary of how close people are to me.

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  2. I will definitely wear a mask from now on when I fly or if I’m fighting a cold and have to go to the store. During flu season, I’ll wipe down my groceries unless they’re using ultraviolet light, something that is in the works now…
    Weird times!

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  3. I’m publishing something similar on Friday. This is about to be weird, all over the world. I wouldn’t go on a cruise if someone paid me, but I am planning an overseas trip for my husband’s 50th bday in October…we’ll see if we can pull that one off.

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  4. I try to leave the house at least once week for fear I’ll develop agoraphobia. Some folks I’ve met on my walks are respectful and keep their distance. Others pretend it’s a normal day.

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  5. I think some things will be very different after all this, in both good and bad ways. I think public places (and airplane seats) will be cleaned more thoroughly between uses now, and it will take a while before the general public is comfortable in large crowds again. The scariest thing about this virus is how much is unknown about it. But I don’t think I’ll let it keep me living in fear for years, because that’s no way to live. Honestly, I’m not really afraid of it even now. I respect it, and am following the guidelines to keep myself as safe as possible, but I’m not experiencing that gut-level fear that some people describe. I mean, yeah, I could get it and die from it. I could also have a heart attack tomorrow or get hit by a car. For me, this is just another thing that I need to be very sensible and cautious about. But that’s just my reaction, and we all get to have our own!

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    • I agree, there will be good and bad things that will or should change. The unknown is the scary part, hopefully answers will come with time. I agree, respecting it is much healthy than fearing it. I actually heard that airlines might be not using the middle seat, but who knows if will happen.

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      • Southwest actually just announced that is is going to reduce the number of seats sold on its flights so that passengers don’t have to use the middle seat unless they want to sit next to someone they are traveling with. So I think that is happening, at least for the short term!

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  6. I’m sure that I’ll be much more aware of my “personal space” and that of others. But I’m hoping that a vaccine will be developed. Probably similar to the flu vaccine that has to be given annually as new mutations are identified… We were looking into cruises too. In fact we had booked flights and hotels. Lucky we were waiting on the cruise until later in the summer (to get better rates). We dodged that bullet!!

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