Change or Maintain?


Our leaves and flowers seem to be slow appearing this spring. Definitely later than last year, but not really unusually late. Maybe the social distancing and isolation just has a person anxious to see change.

We’ve had about a week now of cooler and windier weather than normal, so I’m sure once the warm sun returns things will pop.

How are things growing where you are?

Yard-work is not my favourite pastime. Let me rephrase that, yard maintenance is not my favourite thing to do. If we were building or changing something outside I’d be all in, but I have to force myself to do the weekly weeding.

If it was up to me there would be some flowerbed and rock-garden changes done this year, but Mister has the “why change things” attitude. He says why do major projects when it’s up for sale, which is reasonable. It’s just with what’s going on in the world we also doubt it will sell this year. Money spent on different landscaping wouldn’t be a recoupable expense.

We had this cottage built fourteen years ago, and have lived here full time since 2009 with little to no major changes.

I’m feeling a real need to change something inside or out.

Normally, painting a interior room would solve this restlessness and would have been a winter project. Edging around 22 windows, 6 doorways, and tall vaulted ceilings made me think it might be more than this aged body should tackle though. I know I can do it I have in the past. I also remember how much work it was. Before you think it, no, having someone else do it does not satisfy my need to change something.

I’m sure professionals out there will say I have some big underlying issues with needing change, but really I’m just tired of seeing the same old same old.

Do you like change? 

I’ve mentioned before that woodworking is one of my favourite hobbies. Not having a garage though means it’s done in warmer weather outside. I spend the snowy winter months planning projects, and I’m chomping at the bit to get started on them.

I’m certain that’s why spring yard work irritates me, it has to be done before projects get started.

So there’s my dilemma, I feel stuck wanting to change something or at least get started on some outside projects. Hurry up and warm up weather, quit with showers and blustery winds.

Do you like to rearrange furniture, paint rooms, change or add landscaping?

Are you content with material things staying a certain way for long periods?

13 thoughts on “Change or Maintain?

  1. I haven’t changed anything in awhile, except I do change the decorations on the door as the seasons change. Otherwise, whatever’s the cupboards are as they were for years. I don’t like yard work either. 🙂

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  2. Our trees were at least 2 weeks early this year as March was so warm. Then in April it got cooler and May has been downright cold (for May). Blooming as been a mix though. Some things on schedule, some early and some late. I have had the desire to change something up too but we are in the “we’re going to downsize” mode. We were actively looking when all this happened. Now we fear our home won’t sell so we are in a waiting mode. Maybe I’ll come up with a small change up that isn’t too costly.

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  3. yes we have had an exceptionally cold and miserable April and May here in manitoba and we’re supposedly going to get our second May snowfall today. Where is that global warming? Anyway I bought two of those round cloth planters that you fill with soil and have an instant raised garden. A couple of those you pick up for under $30 and then some bedding plants and you have instant cheer in couple of spots. It would not only be fast and easy but it would be a cheap bit of landscaping to add some curb appeal that would take very little work. If you plant with pansies and some other cold weather tolerating flowers you likely could do it right away. That’s what I am doing with my restlessness.

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    • We have seven big flower beds that are full of plants that come up every year. They have stuff that blooms at different times so there is always something in bloom. I do have pansies, love them because they have early colour, they already have a couple flowers. We use to avoid pots because if we went away we had to get someone to water them, but this year there won’t be as much travel, might have to consider them.

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