Cactus In Alberta


Did you know Cactus grow wild in southern Alberta, Canada?

Prickly Pear cacti have actually been know to grow as far north in the province as the Peace River area.

In central Alberta, they have grown in our family’s flower beds for over 30 years.

The above picture is one of our beds of cacti here at the lake which had a building for shelter during the 2014 damaging hail storm. It has its first of many blossoms for this season.

Below is a before and after picture of a different flower bed that needed love this year. It use to be crammed full of large cacti like the other bed. Many of the plant’s in this one didn’t survive that hail storm a few years ago. The ones that did have been fighting their way back. Recent wet weather though is washing away the soil and the landscape ties trap rainfall leaving them often living in a water puddle. I can’t even keep up weeding the growing moss and wet soil grass.

It was a dreaded chore, but we removed all the cacti, dug out the grass and moss, filled the bed with 8-10 inches of sand, then separated and replanted the cacti.

I hope they appreciate the work and flourish once again.

Late fall these cactus will start to shrieval and lay over, ready to be covered with snow. Each spring they bounce back. As in the first picture, this variety gets large yellow blossoms in June or early July, depending on the spring’s warmth. Ours are later then usual this year.

Do you like unusual bedding plants?

Can you grow cactus outside in your area?

If you are wondering, how I weed these cactus beds, I use long handle pliers or a fish hook remover.

19 thoughts on “Cactus In Alberta

  1. I have lived in Arizona twice and I learned to enjoy all the different types of cacti growing there. I also got used to the desert landscaping in yards instead of the grass we have here in Utah. I have a tiny cactus growing on my windowsill in my kitchen. It’s from Arizona, of course.

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  2. Hi, Kathy – I don’t remember seeng outdoor cactus in this area. But we do have two large palm trees in our backyard. They manage our island winters, and the ocassioanl dusiting of snow, fairly nicely. They continue growing and thriving without much help from us. Fingers crossed they continue to do so!

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  3. Wow! I didn’t know cactus survive that far north. There is a palm that can survive here with a little TLC. Not sure what the people do in the winter but it dies back to the ground and comes back the following year. A little look of tropical in southeast Pennsylvania. That looks like it was a lot of (painful) work!

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