Noticeable Tan Lines

It’s pretty rare to see tan lines on me, especially ones as noticeable as right now.

I really, don’t like to be hot, so I usually hide in the shade not bask in the sun.

If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted lately it’s because for weeks now I’ve been spending hours and hours a day getting nicks, cuts, and slivers while working on my tan lines.

The feel good part is we finally got a big, to-do, checked off our list.

We removed the vertical deck boards from our under stair storage area and from around our back deck.

I actually like putting up vinyl siding, and I’ve worked with it a lot. Mister on the other hand doesn’t enjoy it, so this job was mostly mine after he got the frame work all up to parr. An arrangement that worked for both of us.

The areas aren’t very big so why did it take a few weeks to complete?

For days we could only work between severe rain storms. This meant bring the saw and equipment outside, then put it back inside, bring it out…

Then of course the daily severe heat warnings arrived. Which meant lots of water and shade breaks.

There was a ton of corners, angles, and trim work to do. Measure, cut, notch, and repeat over and over. Add my mild OCD, and this part took time.

Then of course regular life like eating, laundry, cutting lawns, cleaning house, etc. still used daylight too. It wasn’t all work every day straight either. There was some day trips for supplies and a few visits with family. We even got the boat cleaned, launched and got a few rides in.

It might have been interesting if I actually kept track of the hours I worked, but than maybe I don’t want to know that I work slower as I age.

I tried to think of a helpful hint or tip to share to make this post more interesting, but I couldn’t come up with anything.

If you don’t follow my facebook page I’ve also brought new life to our old table since my last post. The old oak look is now stained navy.


Do projects seem to take you longer to do than they use to?

Do you like to hang out in the sun or do you search for shade?


28 thoughts on “Noticeable Tan Lines

  1. Hi, Kathy – Wow! Your project work looks fantastic. As my Grandma always said (honest), no one will ask how long something took to do, but they will notice the quality of your work.
    And, I’m completely with you about tan lines. It’s shade all the way for me!

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  2. What a lovely place! The jobs well done. I would love to see some pictures when you are out in the boat.
    I like the warmer weather but prefer to be in shadier areas when so hot around our home area. But I walk or hike daily so avoiding the sunshine it a challenge–I take my water bottle with me and often wear a hat.

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  3. I don’t think the projects take me longer now. It seems I run out of steam fast, and have to restart. Almost like doing the same thing over and over.

    Tan Lines? Nope, my tans stopped in 1997 when I stopped being a motorcycle cop. Now, the closest I’ll get to a hot body, is if I’m cremated.

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  4. I prefer working on cloudy days or in the sun. As I’ve gotten older I can get ill if in the hot sun too long. Fortunately we planted shade trees 20 years ago so most areas except for the garden are in dappled shade. The garden I do very early in the morning. If I went into my dermatologist for may annual check-up with tan lines, he’d be freaked. I use the orange stripey stuff so I don’t scare babies and animals with my glaring white legs! 🙂 That was a big project you did and it looks great. It’s been a great summer for projects.

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    • We don’t have much for trees anymore. We had two huge ones on the golf course side of our fence that would have helped for this project. They got removed a couple summers ago because they were Populars. Their roots were causing major, major issues. The stickies they drop are not missed either. You are right, dermatologist don’t like tan lines. Mister is always getting in trouble, but he’s one of those that I swear tans in the shade.

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  5. I am a mole person – I don’t do sun. I don’t tan, ever. Instead I burn, blister and scar… I love the look of the siding! It is a nice improvement. The table looks perfect! I need to re varathane our kitchen table as there are so many scratches that it is looking mighty decrepit. I think it does take longer to complete projects as I get older. Maybe that is just because I’m not in a rush (no pressing engagements)!

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    • I’ve never thought of us non sun people to be moles. 😊 I am always the one in the group that’s looking for a tree, building, vehicle, heck even a taller person to hide in its shade. The hardest part of redoing the table was just getting at it. The sanding was the messiest.


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