Is It Even Possible

One of the best sleepers I know

Is this like wining a lottery, with many chasing the dream and few experiencing it?

Does anyone feel better physically when they first get out of bed. Do you wake with no pain or joint stiffness?

Never mind the usual back, neck, shoulder soreness, most days even my fingers, wrists and ankles hurt.

Could this be from an inappropriate mattress or just an aging thing?

I honestly don’t remember if sleep was comfortable in my younger days. Back then after a full day of chores, life and raising a family, sleep of any kind was all that mattered.

Mister and I searched and splurged when purchasing our latest mattress in hopes of chasing the elusive, “good night sleep”.

“Elusive” being the key word. I understand waking up sore if activities done the day before can be blamed, but I know that isn’t usually my cause.

Okay, after whining a bit and writing this brief post I’m leaning towards I have an age issue with a hint of mattress trouble.

  • Even waking sore beats the alternative though.
  • I’m grateful for every new day I experience.
  • I’m aware of how blessed I am that my problems (although overwhelming at times) are as small as they are when compared to the possibilities out there.

I’m still curious though if anybody wakes-up without some sort of mattress related soreness?

Is finding a perfect (no, comfortable) mattress even a realistic goal to strive for?

Note- This is my first post using the new formatting program wordpress has now. Please let me know if there are any issues viewing it, like overlapping text or things.

24 thoughts on “Is It Even Possible

  1. The post looked great, Kathy! Some of the text was in blue print, but I figured that was deliberate. As for a good night’s sleep: the best mattress we have tried is one of those foam topped ones, but even so, I often wake up with something hurting. I think it’s my age. The older I get, the softer I seem to want my mattress to be.

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  2. We bought a quality, non-pillow top mattress and I flip/turn it regularly. My sweetie was having hip problems, so we put a natural foam topper–and it has solved his issues. I also had joint soreness in the morning after menopause, but was able to resolve this using progesterone cream (which also helped with insomnia.) (I use Emerita Pro-Gest.)


  3. Congratulations on switching to the New WP editor. Your post, format and design look great.
    I tend to be able to sleep most places but komw that this will not last forever. I’m enjoying it while I can.
    I have heard from a chiropractic that mattresses should be replaced every 8 years. we’ve had our current mattress for 20. Oops!

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    • Glad to hear the post looks fine. Not sleeping well or comfortable is not fun. My opinion of mattress shopping is it’s a nightmare. How can you tell in a couple minutes of laying on one in a showroom how it will be for hours at a time. Sure, they give you a number of days to return, but we didn’t want the hassle. The other problem we found was when the new one arrived it felt nothing like the one we picked. I phoned about it and was told it’s because the ones in the show room are broken in.

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  4. I’m usually an “easy” sleeper – quick to sleep and easily awakened. We are about due for a new mattress. They say your should replace a conventional mattress every 7 – 10 years but ours is about 15. We rotate it and flip it twice a year and it is still good but it is starting to show its age… We bought a really thick (5 inches) memory foam topper that has been wonderful. I was having back and shoulder issues and now I don’t. For awhile now we replace our pillows every 6 months due to allergies but I’ve noticed that I don’t have any neck stiffness anymore. The website looks good but the email I get is really kind of different – the fonts are big and then little and then real big… But it is perfectly readable!

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  5. Tis probably going to sound a little weird but my dentist recommended a teeth protector because I grind my teeth in my sleep. If I wear it I get a fabulous night’s sleep. If I don’t, I wake up sore and stuff all over with a bad night including two or three trips to the bathroom. Ask your dentists to check for teeth grinding.

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  6. Post looks ok to me. We had issues with “divots” developing in our mattresses giving me back aches so last time we purchased a Sleep by number one. It’s basically an air mattress but you have a lot of control on how hard or soft you want it. We’ve had it about 10 years and we still love it. We occasionally check the pressure and adjust but overall we’re happy and would buy another one. Having said that, once in a while I still wake up with a “crook” in my neck or arm from sleeping in an odd position. Sleep came easier and better when I was young but I can’t complain. At least I don’t have insomnia issues like my husband does.

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