Five Special Days

Dad had to work and Mom was having minor surgery, so “Monkey” came to stay a few days at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa.

What would we do in the cooler fall weather?

It was too cold for a swim in the lake. Plus, the pools are still closed because of Covid. “Bella” our boat was already out of the marina for the season, but none of that stopped our outside fun.

He loved riding around the resort in the golf-cart checking ponds for duckies, and of course visiting the playgrounds.

Grandma did the climbing up with him getting to the big slides, but he learned to go down by himself. Grandpa usually did swing pushing, and on this one he took a turn in the adult seat.

Our fun wasn’t limited to outdoors.

New for this visit was dance parties. Monkey figured out which button on our old floor style stereo unit turned on the radio. There was lots of music (mostly Country), and dancing, lots of dancing. If we thought he wasn’t listening anymore and would turn it down or off, he would head over and adjust it back to his liking.

When not outside or dancing there was just good old on the floor playtime. Him and Grandpa did manage to get some pretty good TV watching snuggle time in too.

For five days our house was bustling with activity, cluttered with toys, but best of all, we were busy smiling and laughing. A joyful time for Grandma and Grandpa.

Although he can’t yet say it with words, we’re certain “Monkey” had fun too. 

This was his second overnight stay without his parents. The first time was only one night. He did great both times.

I can tell you Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed these four days with “Monkey” more than his parents did having four days without him. He’s a pretty easy little guy to miss.

These stay-overs bring back fond memories of when our other (older now) grandchildren used to come stay with us. Those are wonderful and cherished times too, even though we don’t have as many pictures from then. It was before cell phones with cameras.

I grew up knowing only 1 grandparent and she passed before I was a teen. I didn’t see her often, and I don’t remember ever visiting or staying with her without a parent.

Our children were very close with all their grandparents, but they have all long passed. We’ve always felt that their time together was special and so do they.

Todays technology makes documenting these memories with digital photos and videos so easy, and to me there’s no such thing as too many pictures.

Do you have Grandchildren that are near enough to spend time with them?

Do you have fond memories of spending time with your Grandparents?

8 thoughts on “Five Special Days

  1. I wish I was a grandmother but that would require my sons to make the effort to find wives. Which hasn’t happened yet. At 31 & 33 I’m not holding my breath. I spent many nights with my grandmother and it was especially fun during the summer and we could sleep on the screened porch and hear the night sounds of the city. The prospect of staying over during the county fair was a delight as we would be allowed to walk to the fair.

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