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SIGNED LOVE Cover 3rd run FINIAL master


A handwritten note has Colt Waycroft replacing Armani suits with denim for a return to the ranch where he grew-up.

Powerful family bonds survived his fifteen year absence, but foul reactions from a certain ranch-hand are unexplainable. A tomboy from his past, now a green-eyed temptress, becomes a complicated distraction though. Her continuous attempts at avoiding him is mystifying, and the silent panic in her eyes rattles his judgement.

Years ago, Kallie Forrester thought Colt had taken her schoolgirl fantasies with him when he left for college. One look at him now and her knees weaken with an aged case of swooning teen syndrome. Past friends or not, she can’t face him. Not now. Not after what had happened.

His persistence crumbles parameters for them both and passion flares, but is that enough? As Colt unknowingly steps into danger Kallie’s bravery places her in harm’s way. Lives’ are changed.

Quotes from reviews 

“Responsible for my lack of sleep last night, could not put it down.” wrote E.D.


“Never a dull moment. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns and a great set of unique characters.” wrote T.P.


“Kept me interested till the last page. It was an interesting read.” wrote E.P.


“Had enough romance and adventure to keep it a page turner. Being a horse person I appreciated the realism of events and facts. ” wrote C.T.

 “The characters were interesting, particularly Kallie, who had a very unique characteristic that I enjoyed watching play out and resolve itself, and for me was the highlight of the book. All in all a nice read for lovers of romance, particularly those who love a ranch as the backdrop.” wrote J.


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