Country Life


What’s that noise?

Faint rustling followed by squeaks and gurgles of a baby fussing came from the feed and tack stall next to the booth where Mister and I sat at the horse event. Exchanging an knowing glance with my husband I went to investigate.

Pictured above is what I found. Our daughter with this sheepish look sprinkling hay on her little brother who was supposed to be asleep.

Our family often jokes about the saying, “Were you born in a barn.” Although not born in one, our kids spent a good portion of their childhoods in either a barn, an arena, or outside and nearby while we did our chores.

Four legs, manes, tails, and everything horse best describes our daughter’s likes.

For a few years, a spring horse took center-stage in our bay window. She spent endless hours in that saddle, her stare focused outside, and her eyes glazed with little girl daydreams.

The toys that entertained her while indoors were all horse related. My Little Pony’s, Lego stable sets, and the jeep, horse trailer and horses for her Barbie’s. Even the multi story, upright, Barbie house Mister made her, of course, had a floor level barn included.

She was happiest outside, even if just watching the horses eat or roam the pastures. As an adult, she still spends her spare time outside with her horse or in the barn.

She recently posted this picture and description on Instagram. (@candie214)

Pretty sure this is why I like watching people ride, I spent hours on those tires.


If you look close, you’ll see the small child saddle I’m riding in so I could take the edge off “Dr. Pepper” before she rode.

In her I see the younger me. Doing barn or farm chores was, and is, rarely considered work and when given a choice they trump household chores.

To us horses aren’t a hobby, they are a lifestyle. Location has changed this for me since I live at a lake resort now, but it’s still her way of life.

This is “Nugget” Her current, young, Quarter Horse Gelding she’s training.


We were blessed as parents to have children, especially teenagers, whose passions meant they were happy at home.

Our son’s interests changed from horses over time and if you haven’t already, check out my post, “Our Version of a Norman Rockwell” for a glimpse into what makes the male’s of our family tick.

Did you have a childhood passion?

Do you still enjoy it?

Rural Living or City Dweller?

This or That Thursday is here ! 

Which Lifestyle Do or Would you Enjoy Best?

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img_1489     Or     img_1506

Peaceful Country Living       or       City Skylines and Conveniences?

I was city born and raised, but moved and lived most of my life in the country. Looking out at horses grazing in pastures is a sight dear and special to me. Our children grew up with sand in their shoes and dirt under their fingernails, climbing haystacks and exploring bush trails. The grandchildren had experienced the same when they came to visit. The lifestyle choice meant some days ended with being bone tired from chores but the hard work and long hours were worth it.

At times I missed a city’s convenience, being able to walk to a store or restaurant, or having pizza delivered to your door.

Currently, my husband and I live somewhere between rural and city. We hang our hats at a lake and golf resort. With a corner lot, the view of three fairways from our cottage and maybe a two minute walk to the lake we get the open space feel. Like living rural, we still have to drive to the nearest town or city for our supplies but on the other hand we can walk within the resort to visit friends or go to its restaurant for a meal.

Let’s see which is more popular.

Put a quick or explained response in the comment box.

My answer is “Rural” country living.

Although part of me still longs to be a city dweller again.

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