Superstitions And Reflections


Do superstitions have a part in your life?

The realistic part of me, says these are just trained habits, instilled by others who state consequences we might fear. Yet, I have dared fate and gone against a superstition, and suffered a sting of misfortune.

Perhaps my mind affected what I wanted to see, or I allowed my subconscious to influence my actions which followed.

Was it coincidence? Who can say for certain?

I doubt I’ll ever know the answer, but since I’m pretty set in my habits it wouldn’t change me, anyway. My superstitious ways are here to stay.

Here are a few simple ones I believe in;

  • It’s bad luck to walk under a ladder.
  • Picking up a coin found on the ground brings you luck with money, but only if it’s heads-up, if tails-up walk away.
  • If by mistake you put a sock on inside out, correcting it can trigger a bad day.
  • Bad things, happen in threes.
  • Killing a, Daddy-long-leg spider, will cause it to rain.
  • Never hang a lucky horseshoe upside down, the luck falls out.

Along with the above thoughts I’m doing some reflecting with my morning coffee.

In October, we celebrated a new Great-Granddaughter. We also mourned the loss of Mister’s last of 14 Aunts and Uncles. Auntie was two months short of 99, happy, active and lived on her own until suffering a stroke a couple weeks before  passing.

A term often used among or when referring to seniors is “Golden Years”. Truth be known, those two words paint a glamorous vision that not all days live up to.

The wisdom we have gained over the years and being fortunate enough to retire is wonderful, but in a perfect world our bodies would still keep up with our minds.

Just when we think we have conquered a medical issue, another sneaks up.

Life changes constantly, but I’m not complaining, it’s precious and I know things could be far worse.

My best wishes go out to anyone suffering injury, illness or loss.

While Mister’s heart and my back acting up, kinked our plans last month, what did we do? Called on our kids, of course (happy face emoji)

We stayed at their places, closer to doctor appointments. The son and his girlfriend came to the lake and helped us complete our outside, fall, heavy work. Thanks again kids for sharing your homes and all you do for us.

There is an odd event that reoccurs in our marriage. I have heard this can also happen with twins. If one of us gets injured or becomes ill, something often happens to the other. This connection, if that’s what it’s called, has gone as far as us both being hospitalized in different cities at the same time. Once when I was having surgery in a city hospital, Mister found out he is very allergic to hornets, he had to stay in a hospital near our home.

Have you experienced a special connection like this with someone?

Are you enjoying the “Golden Years”

Are you superstitious?

Do you have a superstition you would like to share?