Proclaiming Defeat


This little project has gotten the best of me. I hate to admit defeat but this crochet beanie pattern has me frustrated. I have tried five times and it will not dome once I stop increasing stitches. It insists on being a place mat. It stays flat, and just gets bigger. 

Lately, I’ve made three different hats for the girls with no issues, until this one.

I picked this pattern because it was different from the basic double crochet with its swirl, but gee whiz, 3 days and it’s all ripped out again with nothing to show for my time. I crochet for a stress reliever so this isn’t working well.

If anyone knows of a tried and true beanie pattern  for #5 wool, I’d appreciate it.

I know deep down, I will try this again because I hate giving up 🙂