Multi-purpose Furniture


Grandma and Grandpa’s latest building project will keep “Monkey” safe while helping in the kitchen. Now that he tried it out and enjoys it, we’ll tweak a couple things and paint it.

Items that have dual or multi purposes are necessary when living in a small space. Foot stools and end tables with storage, hide-a-bed, murphy bed, all those regular type things.

We’ve made some of our own creations when we can’t buy what we need, or if we can’t find the right size piece.

In my perfect world, I would be working with wood nearly every day because it’s my favourite hobby.

This latest piece might look confusing or overbuilt, but it transforms for four different uses.

In the top picture is it as a aid for my dish washing and baking helper. To grow with him it has four height adjustments.

The picture below it’s an adjustable highchair.


It also converts into an extra adult chair for at our table.

Plus, I can adjust it for a step stool when needing to access our high cabinets.

There’s building directions for lots of different styles of the four things mentioned  above on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find a multi purpose one. So, with a idea in my head, Mister and I started building this figuring out the arm system as we went.

Do you remember being little and standing on something so you could help in the kitchen?

Do you enjoy making things of any kind?

21 thoughts on “Multi-purpose Furniture

  1. That’s a wonderful project! I made our daughter a little ladder that she could stand against the lower cabinets to reach the upper ones. She loved it, and my wife still uses it 30 years later. I so agree with you about working with wood. May we both always find good projects.

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  2. This is genius! I remember having to sit very carefully on a stack of books at the table – I was very small for my age. We stood on the kitchen chairs to do dishes. Until last Christmas I had to use a chair to reach my upper cabinet shelves. Son#1 bought me a collapsing step stool that folds flat and can be stored in the space between the wall and the refrigerator! I love that thing!!

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  3. My mother had a high chair (literally higher but not a child’s high chair) that had a step stool that pulled out. It was an extra seat in the kitchen for gabbing (too high for the table for eating) and a convenient step stool for high shelves. She had it for over 30 years before it was so beat up looking that she trashed it. Sadly I’ve never seen one of those again.

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