Family Time

thanksgivingWorking up an appetite

The weather remained warmer than usual. It was into October and snow had yet to appear. Pictured above is us years ago taking advantage of a pleasant fall day. It didn’t matter to the family what date was on the calendar. We worked, we laughed, we got the job done.

Spreading aged manure, turned fertilizer, may not be an average, Thanksgiving activity, but we were together and had fun. By days end we appreciated satiating our hunger by filling our belly’s with a tasty meal. What more could we wish for?

I have no classroom certificates stating I understand how a mind works, but I speak from life experience.

Goals and achievements vary as much as people themselves.

Focusing on your positives rather than envying what others appear to have, is a vital step toward happiness.

If you’re ever having a rough day, or feeling down, take a moment to list three things you are Thankful for. Don’t simply say the usual or big items, really think about your choices. Let’s say, you drive an old vehicle not the one you desire, you might say you can’t be thankful for the piece of junk. Well, if it’s getting you from place to place it deserves thanks.

If you don’t think the small things are important, the bigger things won’t be as valued either.

My mother always said, “Somewhere there’s someone who would love your cast-aways, no matter what shape they’re in.”

Here are three things I’m thankful for at this moment. The company I had this weekend. The hot coffee I’m enjoying this morning. My comfy chair faced where I can view the coming sunrise.



Thanksgiving Supper

“Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone reading this.


I’m fortunate and forever grateful for my family and friends.

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