GPS or Maps


Yes, that is a portable GPS suctioned onto to the screen of our vehicles built in navigation system. At least we didn’t have both turned on at the same time. You can also see a paper map, which I frequently use when checking on the broader scope of things.

We certainly don’t need any of these guidance conveniences to find where we’re going this trip. We’re traveling a well know path back to where Mister was born, and an area where we visit often. We do like having the arrival time visible though when a destination is programmed.

Let me explain than why we need two systems. Okay, we don’t need two, but why we are traveling with two.

We find built in navigation is harder and more costly to keep updated than hand held units. Mister, just downloaded updates to our handheld before we left on this trip.

The portable kind is handier if the passenger has to search or program a location or address while moving. Most built in ones need the vehicle to be in park to allow this.

You can have a portable unit in your hands instead of reaching across to one built in. With sensitive touch screens, anyone who’s tried working a GPS while on a windy or bumpy highway will understand why I prefer sitting back in my seat with a portable one in hand.

You can take the portable GPS into your hotel and program addresses you may need the next day, rather than being that weird person or couple sitting in their vehicle in the parking lot.

Do you prefer GPS units or paper maps?

This is our favourite time of the year for a road trip because as the days go by our travels will be enhanced by fall colours.

Do you like fall road trips?

19 thoughts on “GPS or Maps

  1. We use both but our portable GPS is so outdated that it’s useless. We have a built in navigation system in our car but it’s pretty dumb. It’s not unusual for it to tell us to turn where there is no road. This happened on a state tollway too. My husband is old school and likes to look at a paper map first to get a gist for where he’s going.

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  2. A good road atlas is worth its weight in gold. I use a GPS all the time. I don’t want to think how lost I’d be without it. It is really handy to find a specific address which the map won’t have…I’ve never owned a vehicle with a built in navigation system.


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