Please, Be Careful !!!

I’m sharing our recent chaos hoping to save others from similar misfortune. It takes a mere second to trigger a domino effect. We’ve all heard it a hundred times, “Be careful of computer scams.” The biggest problem, is sometimes our clicking reactions are on autopilot when we scroll emails.

I want to caution readers about an email, Mister received supposedly from Paypal regarding charges occurred on Facebook.

Please, if you see one like this or any unusual message in your Inbox think twice before reacting. What ever it is to do with, check that account directly, don’t believe email warnings.

A little over a week ago I had used Paypal and whether coincidence the following day Mister got an email which in the subject box stated a Paypal charge for a Facebook purchase. Well, that was not where I used Paypal and the amount was double my transaction.

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, autopilot had us click on the message.

That’s when our nightmare began, and it still isn’t completely resolved. Keeping this brief though the results were, a frozen computer with a flashing note to phone Microsoft Support, a number bold in the on-screen box. Next came the remote access to check and fix the issue, programs were installed. Then we realized it was not Mircosoft who we had called, so bank accounts and files were now at risk. Hours of phone calls have followed, days of sleeplessness and stress, the headache of cancelling cards and getting new ones, and changing every password we both have.

Top all that off with the cost of a computer specialist to get both our laptops safe and back working. Yes, they accessed two laptops and my iPad, but Apple assured me that was safe though.

People, and I was one of them, say how does this happen? Why do people fall for scams?

Trust me, this person was a professional at making me believe who he was and what needed doing, even when I out right asked him, how do I know you’re not scamming me?

Scammers know our mental buttons, they know what common sites to mention that will get our attention. Once inside our head and hard-drives their skill can be overpowering.

Please readers be careful online!!

Mister and I know better, we’ve avoided potential problems before, but this time, a minuscule lapse in concentration was all it took.

Oh, one more thing before you leave.

Check the expiry date on your Drivers License, sign up for email or text notifications of an approaching due date.

Many of you are probably snickering but do you know when yours comes due?

It’s not a card I look at and we use to get snail-mail reminders but I forgot that stopped.

The only good thing to come out of our computer issue was when getting a new debit card my bank asked to see my drivers license as photo ID. Who knew it had expired months ago, and I wonder when I would have noticed this?

Mister and I have now registered for email notification.

I hope you all can avoid the headaches and hassles we endured during this lesson.

15 thoughts on “Please, Be Careful !!!

  1. I pray each time I enter my info into a shopping site that no one will steal my info! I do not own a credit card (I once had a love affair with EBay and racked up so much debt that I had to do credit counseling and they take away your cards and after the FIVE years of paying back everything I owed, I was smart enough to never get another one….one hard lesson that I actually learned from….there ain’t many I can truthfully say…sadly) so if I am hacked they will only get the pittance I have in my checking account. Today my balance is only 8 bucks and some change so good luck stealing that. I also stopped using my debit card at places that will still take checks. I figure the less I use it, the better. And I do agree that the hell fires should be hotter for those who hurt others!

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  2. Oh no! That is a nightmare and it is so easy to just click on it! We just had a fraud alert from our credit card company (a legit alert). It was a text message from the company letting me know that a 900 dollar on line order was not approved and they asked if it was us who placed the order. No, we did not order anything! They immediately blocked the account and called me first thing that morning. Turned out whoever stole the card info had also successfully charged 300 at! Thankfully the credit company was on top of it or I would have more charges to dispute-now I am checking on the accounts far more often. There are some really big jerks out there, and we all need to watch our own backs!

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    • Yes, it was a nightmare and we’re still trying to get the credit card charge dropped, but don’t get me started on that issue. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your trouble, I’m glad you caught it quickly though. Sometimes I really wish we could go back to before all this technology complicated our life’s. 🙂 The old fuddy duddy in me came out there. 🙂

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  3. I received a similar pop-up (it wasn’t from a Paypal/Facebook message, though). Fortunately, I had read a warning about it on another blog and knew not to click on it. I just did a Control/Alt/Delete and got out of it. No problem, fortunately. I hope your warning helps others. You can Google the message that appears on the fake pop-up to learn more. Hell has a special place for the s#@ts who do this sort of thing.

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  4. I’m so sorry you went through this! But I can understand how it happened. Sometimes we just don’t think quickly enough, and that’s all it takes. Also, thanks for the tip on the driver’s license renewal. I hadn’t realized they don’t send those out anymore!

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  5. So sorry to hear this happened to you. Thanks for the reminder to never click links in email and always use contact information posted on a company’s official website and not the one listed in the email.

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    • Thanks. Yes, a couple simple things can make a big difference. We need to stop and breath when we see a upsetting message. I think this is one thing they use to their advantage, everything has to be done right now, fast, fast.

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  6. I advise my friends to never click on any link in an email, even if it appears to be coming from someone you know. Sorry this happened to you, but many of us have gotten bit at one time or another.

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