Beeping Things


Am I a lab-rat trained to respond to sound stimulus? Everything, beeps or buzzes these days. Clothes washers, dryers, microwaves, coffee pots, oven timers. Excuse me while I pause this thought, my laundry is beeping, I must jump up and switch loads.

Were was I?

Oh I remember, things that beep or buzz, dying batteries, car sensors and ignition, keypad strokes, incoming phone or social media messages, calendar reminders, well you get my drift.

Laundry day is the worst, it’s when the annoying sounds wear on my nerves.

Our washer and dryer know exactly when I sit down, open a page on the computer or I’m in the middle of another project, that’s when they call out. Plus, they never finish a cycle at the same time.

Yes, I do understand the notifications are meant as a convenience. We no longer have to relay on memory as to what we have going on, but is this a good thing?

Super annoying is when I’m standing in-front of the open washing machine already transferring clothes into the dryer, it still keeps beeping telling me it’s done. Does it think I’m deaf, or maybe not working fast enough?

I have found myself muttering to these appliances more than once when they’re demanding my attention, “Yes, yes I hear you, just give me a minute to finish what I’m doing.”

If they ever respond with something like, “Get your as…Β in here,” instead of their nagging noises, I’ll let you know. Maybe not, you’ll send a visitor to my door carrying a white jacket. πŸ™‚Β 

Another pet peeve on laundry day is, how the heck do coat hangers, especially the wire ones, twist themselves into mind puzzles while hanging on the closet rod? If more than one are side by side, I can guarantee they will come out in a tangle, and usually at least one falls into the recesses of closet darkness.

Once gathered and untangled I’ll lay them on the bed so they are handy. With a shirt from the washer in one hand I’ll reach for a hanger. Now, I’m playing the “Barrel of Monkey’s” game. Lifting the lot linked together, grrrrr.

Oh, oh.

My fingers have become still, my hands now hover over the keyboard. There are furrows between my brows as my gaze lifts from the computer screen. My head turns towards the other end of the house.

I must go, an appliance is beckoning me. πŸ™‚

Should we be worried about robots taking over the world in the future?


Perhaps we should be cautious of programmers and appliance designers?

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