Traveling Dilemma


A good portion of the population wear glasses, right? So, would it kill designers or manufacturers to have different coloured bottles, labels, or even caps on these mini sized products in Hotels, Motels, and Inns?

Maybe, they could incorporate a big, S, C or L, on the label, or just increase some print size.

Something, so those of us who don’t wear our glasses in the shower can identify which product is which.

Clear containers work when shampoo is also clear, and only if hair conditioner and lotion aren’t both creamy white.

Some places also offer body wash. That makes four bottles to choose from, increasing my odds of failure. Yes, I have tried to wash my hair with a wrong product.

This is a minuscule issue, but it is a pet peeve I have when traveling.

I do try and remember to check which is which before jumping in the shower.

I’m also grateful you don’t get those packets, like ketchup comes in, that use to be supplied anymore. The ones that were just as hard to tell apart, and nearly impossible to open with wet hands.

Funny thing, our next stay after this post was drafted, supplied shampoo and conditioner in the slippery packets with tiny print.

Have you ever had to play a guessing game with these mini bottles?

Have you fought with the shampoo packets with wet hands?

17 thoughts on “Traveling Dilemma

  1. My system was always to read the bottles prior to hopping into the shower. Put the body wash at the shower head end and the shampoo at the foot end of the tub. Consistency is key here. Having said that, I recently discovered that my favourite brand now has a 3 in 1 formula shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one bottle. Problem solved!

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  2. I guess I’m fortunate in that I can actually read small print better without my glasses so teeny-weeny shampoo and conditioner bottles don’t bother me. BUT, I am completely with you about those hateful foil packets. They are hard to open and can get really slippery. Oh, and another rant… shampoo with conditioner in it… just no.

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  3. I had to laugh! I have had that same experience. We were traveling and the shampoo and conditioner were so hard to tell apart not to mention open! I managed to finally open the shampoo only to have the little packet slip from my hand and spill everywhere!! I decided then and there that I was going to start bringing my own! They have little travel size bottles at the dollar store that have screw on lids and are clear – easily labeled and also able to see the difference between the green shampoo and the white conditioner!!

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  4. It’s not only the traveling bottles. I have resorted to putting the big S or C on my hair bottles if they look alike. Right now I’m using different brands so it’s not an issue but I have a black Sharpie in my bathroom just in case I need it!

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