Do You Over Pack


It can pay off big time.

I’ve always over-packed. Whether it’s different climate outfits or just extra choices, there’s always clean clothes coming home in my suitcase.

But, for all the times that’s happened it only takes one delayed return, added days to a trip away, to appreciate those extras.

Sure, I never go where purchasing or washing clothes isn’t an option, but that isn’t always convenient though. Plus, it’s definitely never easy to find what you need in a pinch, unless it’s the basics (socks or underwear).

We just got back from a trip that ended up being 5 days longer than expected. I tell you those extras packed were greatly appreciated.

My method when packing is, if there’s still room in the suitcase, fill it. Unless I’m going where I know I’ll be shopping.

I also always travel with more medication than required, and I’ve finally got Mister doing the same.

Do you travel with extras or just the bare minimum?

26 thoughts on “Do You Over Pack

  1. I do overpack, and have tried to carry less. 8 times out of 10 this doesn’t work for me, but there are a few occasions when it does. I think it all depends on the weather one encounters on trips.Perhaps we should start a group – Overpackers Anonymous?

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  2. I have always over-packed. The extra stuff has come in handy often enough to make me happy with continuing this choice. Five days is a long time to have a trip extended. I think I’d have to do some laundry for that. 1-2 days, no sweat.

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  3. Hi, Kathy – I definitely fall into the bare minimum packing group. It stems from my long-distance hiking (if you bring it, you carry it….for miles and miles and miles!) My current rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t fit in my backpack or carryon, it doesn’t make the trip. I’ve never felt deprived or wishing that I had packed something that I didn’t (at least not yet)!

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  4. I brought waaaay too much to Europe and wouldn’t bring my laptop next time. I always think we’ll have a rainy day where I’ll hole up in a coffee shop or even better, castle to write. That never happens! I can always use my phone.
    Do you use packing cubes?

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  5. Our neighbor’s luggage was lost on a trip to Italy. Her husband had to buy underwear. It made for a lot of stories as Italian underwear sounds like the speedo type. This neighbor was well in his 70s and didn’t like “picking his crotch” to get it out of there! Although this isn’t exactly the situation you are talking about, it gives good cause to try not to have to buy if you can fit extra in the suitcase. When we go by car we definitely overpack.

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  6. I like to pack heavy. Those extras come in handy – if the weather changes or the trip is delayed or in the case of tromping through the woods you need to put on clean clothes afterwards! I pack my suitcase and my husband packs his. On return trips I pack both and usually have room for several extras since he is not an economical packer…

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